Hmmm.......I Guess I Should Be Happy for Him...

  • I emailed my ex like, 2 months ago-He replied, stating "What's Up?" -I replied back, asking him what "mistakes I made in our relationship that made it sour--for future reference". I didn't write the email to him to reconcile WITH him. He never responed to the email.

    Then, just last Thursday, I emailed, stating "What's up"--just to see how he was doing.

    Then, I receieved this email: "Can you please stop emailing me. I am no longer interested in you, and I have a girlfriend that Im getting married to."

    I thought I was over him. I didn't think that email would sting me.

    Y didn't he tell me this the first time I emailed????

    I should be happy that he's moved why I am NOT happy?

  • Hi, Maybe he thought, at first, that it might be something not relating to anything personal. He was pretty blunt which probably hurt. Maybe afraid his girlfriend would read it. I would leave it alone. Nothing wrong w/wanting to know how someone is doing. Don't be mad. Personally, I have no interest in contacting my ex. I would suspect the same thing or worse.

  • When someone sends an extremely emotional email and there is no response, it's a clear signal. Sometimes silence really does speak louder than words. I believe he was just being polite responding to your first email.

    As for not telling you he was getting married, he probably thought his life is not your business anymore. I wouldn't tell my ex anything about my personal life, even if I ran into him on a regular basis.. I can understand how his last response hurt, since you're not over him.

    I believe you're not happy for him, because you are not happy with you. Mourn the loss, but you have to move forward. Don't get stuck. Don't blame yourself for the relationship not working. Both people have an equal share of making it working or not. Try not to feel guilty, forgive yourself. It just wasn't meant to be.

  • I think he should have told you the first time you emailed, but there is nothing you can do about it...

    He is obviously not interested in any contact with you, so trying to contact him will just annoy him and make things worst.

    Better just leave it alone and move forward...

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