Will there be problem(s) resolution in 2020?

  • Will 2020 be the year in which I get resolution to a couple of problems?
    Will 2020 be the year that people listen to me and I am heard?
    ty for your help

  • Jayann, 2020 for you will be a journey of freedom, change, adventure, new experiences, and learning from past mistakes. But as Buckminster Fuller once said "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, you must build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." Or build a new life. You will have to devise some resourceful and innovative ways to retain and expand your freedom, whatever that may mean to you. The events of 2020 will enable you to know the difference between the 'old you', the 'present you', and the 'potential you'. Expect a substantial change in your life, or a sequence of smaller changes, that will lead not only to a whole new way of life, but also a completely new understanding of life itself. The new year will provide opportunities to turn your life around by setting off in a direction that is totally different to any you have taken before. The best way to approach this journey is with a complete change of attitude. 2019 was limiting and restrictive for you. This year, you must focus on being limitless and free, and be able to recognize opportunity as it appears. This will require an open and adventurous mind. You must pick and choose carefully between your various options. Take only those which pertain to your true desires and not your temporary whims. If you try to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself next year, the confusion of so much diversity will limit your ability to focus, and this could prevent success in any area. Start out with a firm goal in mind; a specific sense of destination. But do be flexible. Even the best laid plans can change without warnings of any kind. The new year will bring the sudden and the unexpected – the unforeseen.

    You will be on a fast-paced journey in 2020 which will be filled with options, action and excitement. It will be an adventure into life. It will be a time to discover your true potential by experiencing things you have not experienced before. The year is likely to be full of new people, places, and possibilities. An opportunity may fall right into your hands, or you may find yourself going back and forth in all directions, as you consider whether a particular change of course is what you want or not. Finally, a decision will have to be made, and courage will be required. Base your choices on the feelings that come from your awareness of reality, and an understanding of the probable outcome of your choices. This does not mean you should judge something before you have experienced it. It means that you must be aware of how one change can create a chain reaction of many changes. It is essential that you know what you are feeling on a moment-by-moment basis. Denied feelings can remain trapped inside you and deplete your freedom. In 2020, you will be releasing all the unexpressed emotion which has weighed you down for far too long. Yes, experience itself is what is on offer for you next year. In order to receive it, and in order to retain your freedom, some mistakes may have to be made. Remember that a mistake becomes experience when its lesson is learned and not repeated. Allow your mistakes to evolve into expertise. Alexander Graham Bell, for instance, invented the telephone by mistake. He was actually trying to invent a hearing aid.

    One of the biggest mistakes you could make next year is giving up on something before you have given yourself the opportunity to experience it in a state of freedom. You do not always have to lose what you have in order to get what you want. Guilt, disguising itself as fear, can make you feel this way. In 2020, you will become aware of the mistakes you frequently make which always result in disappointment. The year's energy will help you to finally take responsibility for your mistakes, and if you really are open to freedom and meaningful change, it will provide the alternatives you seek! From this experience, You will become stronger, more capable, effective, relaxed, and impressive as a human being because you will have learned and grown from a mistake instead of repeating it. Your mistake will no longer be a source of misery, guilt, and disappointment. It will no longer be a mistake. It will be EXPERIENCE. Each month of the year will give you the opportunity to notice an ongoing mistake, change your approach and gain new experience. You will soon realize that freedom is always a matter of the choices you make. Loosen up and feel the freedom that exists within, regardless of your external situation. This powerful feeling will help you to change your outer circumstances.

    Without change, we stagnate. Make freedom your prime concern. Understand that you are where you are so that you can prosper from the experience of it. If you are to make the appropriate choices and changes, you must be aware of reality at all times. There really are alternatives to your present circumstances, but first you must recognize what needs to be changed inside you. If you want to be free, you must start living more freely! Get away from old routines and do things differently. Look for those new directions. Do not scatter your attention or spread yourself too thin, otherwise you may find yourself jumping from one thing to another without accomplishing anything. Your curiosity can lead to success or to disappointment, so make sure you focus on what matters! 2020 will remind you to take care of your body. Respect it. Heal it. Strengthen it. Become more aware of your physical senses and abilities. Use them creatively. Get adequate rest and relaxation. Love your body and enhance your physical comfort. One person’s reality is not the same as another’s. Honesty is essential because freedom cannot flow outside of reality. Start by being honest with yourself and you will see that honesty has nothing to do with laws, rules, and regulations. It has to do with straightforwardness, truth, and self-acceptance. Head games and manipulation will backfire on you. Try to be genuine at all times. Be yourself - not an alter ego that you think might be more acceptable to others, but your REAL honest-to-goodness self. Set your sights high and experience the reality of change, variety, adventure, opportunity, and above all, your own precious Free Will.

    So instead of asking doubtful questions, make definite statements -

    2020 WILL be the year in which I solve my own problems!
    2020 WILL be the year that I make people listen to me!

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