Favorite Tarot and Oracle Decks

  • @hekatesxing so is there actually proven facts that the Tarot works?

  • @Kerry As a Divination tool . as gathering insight into a current situation...etc

    It is not been proven in a scientific way if that is what you mean?

    I have been using Tarot for 20+ years and feedback from clients has been that it has been helpful in them being able to make informed choices, take action etc ..It has been helpful on my own journey to understand my actions , my thoughts , my own progress on my path ...

    This is so personal to each individual.. Tarot has to come from one's own personal experiences whether you read Tarot for yourself , or for another, or get a reading from another person it can only make sense if it is proven through your own experiences .. Depending on what you are expecting from tarot ... remembering all of the future may not be set in stone but come with different paths depending on the choices yet to make. , so dependent on how you use Tarot ..
    Does one choose to use Tarot to gather insight into a current situation , to ask how one should react, act to something or is the Tarot being asked to predict ? This can be influenced by many factors and depends on the current energy, which may change with circumstances .
    Tarot is a great meditation tool .. In drawing a card and allowing yourself to meditate on it may provide inner answers to a question you hold within ...

    Have Tarot been proven to work ? That is an age old question that is difficult to answer as it depends on many factors ... the reader, the seeker (client ) the cards, the environment ...
    Does the reader understand the meanings of the cards? Does the reader understand the layers of the cards, the way the cards can combine in a reading ..
    is the Client open to the message... to understand the symbology of the message ?

    I can not tell you if it works or not only know it works for me and I trust the messages that come through with the use of the cards.

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