Favorite Tarot and Oracle Decks

  • @Jayann I use all my decks at different times .. especially when doing lots of live readings on YouTube ... I put my decks into seasons so pull them out to work with them over a three month period ... I will use one deck for an Instagram challenge for the month , will use one deck for daily reads for Twitter for a couple of weeks, will use different decks for reflection videos on Instagram, twitter and YouTube , Do one deep dive Tarot or Oracle deck on YouTube for one week or up to a month ... Will also do a deep dive and study practice with a guidebook and deck as well .. Then I use different Tarot and Oracle decks for different clients depending on what they need.. Moods change so my decks are in rotation, constantly changing ...

  • @hekatesxing
    Thank you for replying.
    This is so interesting
    I will have to look you up on u tube.
    Take care and stay safe

  • @Jayann Thank you ,,,

  • New Arrival ... this was a gift from a beautiful Soul, I am so excited to use this for readings for querents on my lives ... for Tarot.com.jpg

    Yule Oracle from Seasons of the Witch Series
    and Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards .
    .. Yule Oracle.jpg

    auset oracle.jpg

  • Moon Baby Bordered.jpg

    Today Moon Baby Tarot was delivered to me ....
    Yaahhh so exciting including the extra bits and pieces from Kickstarter .. so excited to have this deck recreated from The Hoi Polloi (1973 Tarot deck based on RWS ) with it's own twists ...
    Brant did an excellent job recreating this Tarot deck .. it comes in a gorgeous 2 piece sturdy box as the Strength and Justice at either as 8 and 11 or the other way round, you decide what works for you ... Happy Mail Week ... lol

  • My Snapshot_97.jpg
    Cleopatra Tarot arrived today ... so needed to unbox it .. lol

  • @hekatesxing said in Favorite Tarot and Oracle Decks:

    Approx 50 decks both Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand, Sibilla, and Kipper and then add the Playing Cards to it Plus the Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand, Loteria and Playing cards I actually created (those are my physical Decks ) then adding my Virtual Digital decks 263 that includes Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand, Belline, Sibilla, Kipper, I-Ching, Runes, Cartomancy- playing cards etc ....

    Wow, that's a lot of Decks. Love your passion for the Tarot!

  • @hekatesxing I like the Elemental Soul cards! Those are cool:)

  • @TulipLilly
    Do you mean Elemental Wisdom Tarot? or another type of deck Tarot or Oracle?

  • Labyrinth Tarot.jpg
    New Arrival Yaahhhh
    Labyrinth Tarot ...
    I unboxed and love to see what oracle decks I could pair with it ...
    This is gorgeous .. love the cards .... love the imagery ...

  • @hekatesxing i am still getting use to the Tarot.

  • @Kerry
    what decks do you work with?
    What are your favorite style? Theme? Do you look at your deck daily? are you deep diving into the imagery?

  • @hekatesxing I use the default deck. I do not know what you meant by favourite style. No I do not look at my deck daily. And yes I deep dive into the imagery.

  • @Kerry
    What do you mean by Default deck ... are you speaking of Rider Waite Smith Tarot ? or Tarot de Marseille ?
    Favorite Style comes from tarot de Marseille, Rider Waite Smith or Thoth are the three main styles of Tarot .... Styles can also include Photo styled imagery, collage style, Sketch, paint, drawing, or digital art or maybe styles that include eras, as in more Victorian styled, Vintage or maybe something more modern in imagery.. Colorwise include pastels, or bright colors.. maybe you prefer something busy in the imagery, a lot of detail or something a little more simple.. There are themes you can see from the different decks in my collection ....

    TDM style decks ...
    Some different Rider Waite Smith styled decks
    Thoth (traditional imagery) even though there are many decks based on Thoth but with different imagery

  • @PsychicTarot
    My updated deck collection ... 160 physical decks approx ...
    This is my updated list .. I use the decks at different times depends on my mood ...the season and the client's needs ..

    [01 Kipper ] Kipper Cards
    [01 Kipper ] Original Kipper WahrasageKarten
    [02 Lenormand ] Lenormand Cards
    [02 Lenormand ] Gilded Reverie Expanded Lenormand backup
    [02 Lenormand ] Gilded Reverie Lenormand Expanded Pack
    [02 Lenormand , Cultural] Japan Lenormand
    [02 Lenormand , Cultural] Pagan Lenormand
    [02 Lenormand ] Titiania's Fortune Deck
    [03 Oracle] Cards of Time Oracle
    [03 Oracle] Astrology Reading cards
    [03 Oracle, Nature] Butterfly Guiding Light Oracle
    [03 Oracle, Nature] Creature Teacher Cards
    [03 Oracle, Nature] Crystal Grid Oracle
    [03 Oracle] Deck of Affirmation
    [03 Oracle, Nature] Echoes of Nature Oracle
    [03 Oracle, Nature] Healers of the Earth Oracle
    [03 Oracle, Nature] Intuitive Soul Oracle cards
    [03 Oracle] Let Go Oracle
    [03 Oracle] Mama Jung’s Oracle deck
    [03 Oracle] Shadows of Light Oracle
    [03 Oracle, Nature] She Whispers the Truth
    [03 Oracle] Show Me Deck
    [03 Oracle, Nature] Song Of My Heart Oracle card deck.
    [03 Oracle] The Celestial Compendium
    [03 Oracle, Nature] The Crystal Ally cards Evolution Edition
    [03 Oracle, Nature] The Language of Flowers Oracle
    [03 Oracle, Nature] The Spirit Animal Oracle
    [03 Oracle] The Ultimate Feminine and Masculine Pack
    [03 Oracle] There is Always Light’ oracle deck.
    [03 Oracle] Tiny Rituals Oracle
    [03 Oracle] Uncover Your Past Lives Oracle
    [03 Oracle, Nature] Wairua Whakatinana Oracle Deck
    [03 Oracle] Wonder of The Mother
    [04 Playing cards ] Amazing Sights of the Night Sky
    [04 Playing cards ] HC Art Playing cards
    [04 Playing cards ] NZ fern back Playing cards
    [04 Playing cards ] Night Sky
    [04 Playing cards ] Pink Floyd
    [04 Playing cards ] Poker Black cards
    [04 Playing cards ] Red Multicoloured Playing cards
    [04 Playing cards ] Skulls Backs Playing cards
    [05 Runes ] Spiral Runes
    [06 Sibilla ] Sibilla Della Zingara
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] Angel Tarot
    [07 Tarot , RWS] Before Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] Labyrinth Tarot Deck and Guidebook Movie Tarot Deck
    [07 Tarot , RWS] Smith-Waite Tarot Deck Borderless
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] Angel Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Healing ] Chakra Wisdom tarot
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] Circle of Life Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] Cleopatra Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Nature] Crystal Power Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Goddess] Dark Goddess Tarot
    [07 Tarot, Nature] Elemental Power Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] Epic tarot
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] Fairy Lights tarot
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] Gilded Tarot Royale
    [07 Tarot , Cultural, on loan] Manga tarot
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] Maori Tattoo Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] Maori Deities Major Tarot
    [07 Tarot, Nature] Meraki Tarot
    [07 Tarot ] Moon Baby Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] Motherpeace tarot
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] Native American Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] New Zealand Naturally tarot
    [07 Tarot , Nature] Oceanic Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] Primordial Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] Raincoast Pocket size Tarot deck
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] Santa Muerte Tarot
    [07 Tarot , RWS, on loan] Secrets of Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] Silver Witchcraft tarot
    [07 Tarot , Marseille Styled] Spanish tarot
    [07 Tarot ] Spiritkeepers tarot 22 Major 2
    [07 Tarot ] Spiritkeepers tarot 22 Major 1
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] Steampunk Tarot Mini
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] Supernatural Tarot Book and Guidebook
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] Supernatural Tarot Deck and Guidebook
    [07 Tarot , Nature] Tarot Familiar
    [07 Tarot , Marseille Styled] Tarot Kit
    [07 Tarot , Marseille Styled] Tarot de Marseille
    [07 Tarot , Marseille Styled] Tarot de Marseille Conver
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] Tarot deck of Heroes
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] Tarot of The Divine
    [07 Tarot , Marseille Styled] The Ancient Italian Tarot ...
    [07 Tarot , Nature] The Animal Wisdom Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] The Dragon tarot
    [07 Tarot, Nature] The Field Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Nature] The Herbcrafters Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] The Hoodoo Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] The Magical Nordic Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] The Mary-El tarot
    [07 Tarot , RWS] The Rider Tarot Deck
    [07 Tarot , RWS] The Waterfall Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] Universal Celtic Tarot
    [07 Tarot , RWS] Universal Tarot Mini
    [07 Tarot , RWS] Vice Versa Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Cultural] Vintage Japanese Tarot
    [07 Tarot , Fantasy] the Occult Tarot
    [10 My Creation ] HeKate's Crossing Art Oracle
    [10 My Creation ] HeKate's Crossing Lenormand Deck
    [10 My Creation ] HeKate's Crossing Loteria cards
    [10 My Creation ] Hekate's Crossing Oracle of Crossroads
    [10 My Creation ] Hekate's Crossing Photo Oracle
    [10 My Creation ] Journey to The Crossroads Tarot
    [10 My Creation ] Sacred Fractal Tarot
    [10 My Creation ] Vesta's Art Love Oracle
    [10 My Creation , Nature] Vesta's Art Nature Spirits Oracle
    [10 My Creation ] Vesta's Art Oracle Deck
    [10 My Creation ] Vesta's Art Tarot Deck
    [11 Kickstarter, Ordered - waiting to Arrive ] Tarot del Tango,
    [11 Kickstarter, Ordered - waiting to Arrive ] The Embroidered Graveyard Oracle
    [11 Kickstarter, Ordered - waiting to Arrive ] The Telluric Tarot - Second Edition
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Gods & Titans Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Inspired by Frida Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Journey to the Goddess Realm Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Seasons of the Witch: Samhain Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Seasons of the Witch: Yule Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Shaman's Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] The Sibyls Oraculum: Oracle of the Black Doves of Africa
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Yggdrasil oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] A Compendium of Witches ~ ORACLE DECK
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Altar Oracle Cards
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Blessed Be Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Chinese Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Foxfire Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Keepers of the Light Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Learning to Witch Deck.
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Native American Spirituality Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Ritual Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Sacred Sites Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Santa Muerte Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] Shamanic Medicine cards
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] The Divine Feminine Oracle
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] The Fairy Oracle of The Putupaiarehe
    [Cultural, 03 Oracle] The Maori Oracle
    [Fantasy, 03 Oracle] Oracle of the Mermaids
    [Fantasy, 03 Oracle] The Faery Forest Oracle
    [Fantasy, 03 Oracle] Angel Oracle Deck
    [Fantasy, 03 Oracle] Angel Reading Cards
    [Fantasy, 03 Oracle] Enchanted Map Oracle
    [Fantasy, 03 Oracle] Mists Of Avalon
    [Fantasy, 03 Oracle] Raincoast Oracle
    [Fantasy, 03 Oracle] Raincoast Dreams
    [Fantasy, 07 Tarot] Tarot Decoratif
    [Fantasy, 03 Oracle] The Dragon Oracle
    [Fantasy, Cultural, 07 Tarot] The Elemental Wisdom Tarot
    [Fantasy, 03 Oracle] The fallen Angel Oracle
    [Goddess, 03 Oracle] The Goddess Power Oracle
    [Healing , 03 Oracle] Jin Shin Jyustu
    [Healing , 04 Playing cards ] Unbound Leaves
    [Lost, 05 Runes ] Lapis Lazuli Crystal Runes
    [Love, 03 Oracle] The Power of Love Activation Cards
    [Love, 03 Oracle] Higher Soul Link Oracle cards
    [Love, 03 Oracle] The Naked Truth Deck
    [Love, 07 Tarot] The Romantic Tarot
    [Marseille Styled, 07 Tarot] The Visconti-Sforza Deck -The Golden Tarot set
    [Modern, 07 Tarot ] Serafina Modern tarot
    [Modern, 07 Tarot ] The Coffee Tarot
    [Modern, 07 Tarot ] The Common Thread Tarot
    [Modern, 07 Tarot ] The Starman tarot
    [RWS, 07 Tarot] After Tarot
    [Thoth, 07 Tarot ] Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck Standard
    [Thoth, 07 Tarot ] Thoth tarot
    [on loan, 03 Oracle, Nature] Crystal Oracle

  • @hekatesxing interesting.

    Tarot del Tango (KICKSTARTER)

    Tarot deltangomajor.jpg tarotdeltangomajor2.jpg Tarot deltangomajor3.jpg Tarot del tango minor.jpg

    I can not wait to dive deep into the Tango Figures within the cards ...

  • @hekatesxing i do not quite remember how i officially got introduced to the Tarot but i must say that i am thrilled to dive into the history of this game.

  • @Kerry
    Yes there is always a lot to learn re the history of Tarot.. The development of Tarot and how it is changed over the years .. The layers of history are so interesting . The connections to other types of Divination in different cultures. I love learning more with tarot ..

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