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    Native American Tarot
    1 Hosteen Coyote (Traditionally the Magician )

    This card arrives to remind us to look beyond the illusion.. To manifest what you desire by working with your skills, your abilities and tools... the Tools of Life of sacred to your journey ... Hosteen Coyote can also speak of trust, trusting self and others along the way .... to hear the messages from the Old Ways...

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    Dragon tarot
    XII The Hanging Dragon (The Hanged Man)

    This card arrives today to ask you to look at what you are sacrificing today? Is this necessary? Is it of value to you moving ahead?
    There are times when this is NO and other times this is YES...
    Decide which is right for you at this time, making sure it hurts no one in the process.
    Maybe this card asks you to think about all of your options, look at what others see, their perspective, viewpoints !...

    Do you feel you are just hanging around at this time?

  • @hekatesxing
    I see a snake, scorpion and a dragon
    what is that saying about me and the place am in.

  • @jayann
    Snake can speak of deceit trouble .. represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.

    scorpion can speak of things stinging, being poisoned by something/ someone .... symbols of passion, dominance, defense, transformation, rebirth and ardency.
    Dragon can speak of traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck

  • @hekatesxing
    your explanation is very interesting and so relevant to what is going on in my life.
    When I look at the cards do not always see anything in them.

  • @jayann
    welcome .. I looking deeper within the cards to discover the hidden message that is important to that moment ...

  • 0_1579397561262_Goth Tarot.jpg

    Goth Tarot
    XVI The Tower
    V Swords
    VII Cups

    We begin with what appears to be a shaky, wobbly moment within our lives.
    It seems the walls are crumbling around us, asking us to be vulnerable and allow things to go from around us.. it is a sense of taking a leap of faith as we know that once things are destroyed they can be rebuilt with our own designs ...

    The Five of Swords can speak of battles, struggles, fights, conflicts that are mental aspect of what is happening.. is this with others or within ourselves. This card reminds us that at times there is a no-win situation.. even when we think we have the advantage it truly does not satisfy the Soul ...

    The Seven of Cups show there are choices, options available to us and in which we decide is totally up to us.. but do not wait for too long as the choices may disappear from view. It also speaks of some of the choices not being good for us overall.. the path they may lead you upon may not be for your highest good .. Choose wisely!

  • 0_1579490077754_Spirit keepers Modified 2.jpg

    Spirit Keepers Modified 2
    Key 13 The Reaper

    This card is about endings bringing Transformation...
    In letting go of the old you are able to make way for the new but first you must stand in silence in the darkness , allow yourself to surrender to this moment to bring progress to your journey. Finding a light out of the darkness , out of what is from the past which is filled with despair, hurt and wounds that need healing from within .. Give yourself permission to release and transform what is no longer needed... Freedom given to self brings value to your journey at this time... Are you ready to make some changes in your life? To no longer feel stuck in the past? Take that step forward in The Darkness ...

  • With Spirit keepers Tarot Benebell Wen gave permission to download a set of Major Arcana cards from her website and to modify them for personal use , for fun ..this is one of the decks I work with ...

  • Look at the cards been drawn this week
    Native American tarot Hosteen Coyote - Look beyond the Illusion, use tools and skills to achieve results ...
    Dragon Tarot - The Hanging Dragon- Sacrifice, options, viewpoints
    The Goth Tarot The Tower, V Swords and VII Cups -Destruction, battles in a no-win situation, lots of options available...
    and Today Spirit keeper Tarot - The Reaper- Transformation, changes from endings ...

    Summary this week it has been about Looking beyond the surface to see the reality, look at what you are sacrificing at this time, find there is destruction as you find yourself in a no win situation with so many options available for you , The need for Change through releasing, letting go brings transformation to your own life...

  • 0_1579567344503_Goddess Tarot 4 staves.jpg

    Goddess Tarot
    From LWB
    Four staves are tied together by generous garlands of flowers; they suggest the stable foundation
    of a home.
    Meanings: Stability of ventures. A new home. Accomplishing goals. Satisfaction. Putting




  • When I explore this card further it speaks of a an ability to pause and enjoy the moment with others of like-mind .. a marriage, a contract on some level. a emergence of two soul as they form a bond that seems inseparable... The Marriage could be symbolic in regards to a business venture .... or a friendship on some level...

  • 0_1579650280639_Shadowscape tarot.jpg

    Shadowscape Tarot
    VII Chariot,
    Keywords for this card I think of Direction, a sense of Victory, Triumphs, success gained after plans are made..

    There comes a time in life when we must focus on what is of value, the direction we must take on our adventures. This card reminds us to believe we are triumphant in the actions we take when we contemplate, reflect and review the direction we choose to travel upon.. There is no time to waver in our focus , but to stay on course with determination and purpose.

    Other Thoughts from a variety of resources..
    This card symbolizes the will, is a card of challenge, change and eventual triumph. Obstacles will be overcome by seeing what has to be done and making sure that it is carried out. "The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fortune Telling ."

    "Holistic Tarot "
    Element: Water
    Planet: Moon
    Zodiac: Cancer
    Keywords- Victory, Control, Willpower and jurisdiction...
    This card can suggest the Seeker is in control of their emotional faculties.
    Affirms one is traveling in the right direction.
    A master of self-control and self-assertion.
    Put into action body and mind, knowledge and intuition.
    Always moving towards accomplishments, achieving all that is possible.

    There is a lot more but this is a start for reflection ....

  • 0_1580080702946_reflections Tarot 3.jpg

    Reflections Tarot
    Knight of Wands ...
    When I look at the imagery I think of taking a risk but before swinging out into the open world.. are you being hesitant at this time.. checking all the facts before taking action? Finding a creative edge to your swift movement ahead... A passionate youthful character in nature, full of ambition and vitality, ready to face the world once all information is revealed.
    This card arrives to remind us that at times it is important to take a breath, before taking swift action. To make sure you have complete knowledge of the situation you could be rushing into. This could be talking about a project on the go... Maybe a Sexual type relationship .... Career advancements ....

  • 0_1580685569751_Ramses Tarot of Eternity.jpg

    Ramses tarot of Eternity
    XI Strength
    Finding courage to discover your own inner strength,
    to endure the challenges, to find a stamina to overcome the struggles..
    to keep going even when you want to give up ...
    This comes from within self ....

  • This post is deleted!

  • @andidilly
    Judgement - can speak of resurrection of true self ... a sense of a Spiritual Awakening on some level ... it can also speak of blowing one's own trumpet... coming out of a deep sleep in a way...
    and The Chariot speaks of Triumphs after contemplation about the direction you are moving in ... a sense of being able to stay focused.. do not split your focus on too many things at once... it can be about being black and white in your direction, no grey areas at this time ....

    These two cards could speak of a sense of direction bringing victory once you have awaken within self on a spiritual level .... yes it will be about the action you take within your own personal direction you travel ....

    What deck did you use in your readings?

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