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    Angel Tarot
    Radleigh Valentine ...

    I love working with this deck as the messages are very clear and allows one to connect to the Angels with the cards ....

    Two of Earth (Traditionally two of disks, coins, Pentacles)
    This card can speaks of juggling, asking we look at our priorities, finding a way to make a clear decision with what is of value to our journey right now? maybe it is time to find balance within our health, or finances.. have some fun instead of working all of the time....

  • @hekatesxing
    ty for sharing and welcome back

  • @jayann you are welcome and thank you

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    Templar Tarot
    The World XXI
    With this card it may be time to say farewell to the old.. say goodbye and allow self to move ahead.. Maybe you are moving into a new situation...and you are finding it difficult to let the old be in the past on some level.... Are you struggling to see the new adventures that lies ahead? Are you moving into a new cycle of your life? Finally find yourself on the edge of the threshold waiting for you to take that step?

    I am ready to step through new doorways .. New Adventures wait for me NOW!....

  • @hekatesxing
    when I first looked at this card I saw a tiger.

  • @jayann maybe Tiger has a message for you today .....

    maybe something for you to look further into may be truly significant for your path...

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    Celtici Tarrochi
    King of Wands

    A mature creative, passionate man arrives ... he may bring an idea of an enterprise , an opportunity to awaken something new from within.
    You may find this man loves life with a passion that seems intense at times.
    Maybe this card arrives to remind you about being practical in a creative way to a project, for something you truly desire. He may ask that you are passionate about an event on some level. This king can remind us to be aware of being too trusting, just because someone seems trustworthy, Charming on the surface....
    This King of Wands can be a trusted and loyal friend at times (depends on the other cards in the reading) ....

  • 0_1577764606998_Ancient Egyptian Tarot.jpg

    Ancient Egyptian Tarot
    Prince of Wands
    Today this card speaks of Movement, swift travels... things are happening quickly at this time... it may be a reminder to observe before taking action .. there may be moments of hesitation. This youthful masculine energy arises from within to bring a playful aspect to a project, a creative enterprise .

  • 0_1577832495815_Tarot of One thousand and one nights.jpg

    Tarot of One Thousand And One Nights
    Knave of Swords ..
    This card always seems to me a youthful character that is always searching for the truth... He speaks and acts in a truthful way , and yet I look at this card and see a young man peeking through someone's window... it is as though he is being sneaky (but yet is that a perception of the truth) he is wanting to discover the truth about a situation and by being a little sneaky he is doing just that..... Even though he is searching for the truth he can not yet know the full truth because he may not yet have the full picture, the context of the situation... he may not be able to fully hear so then unable to comprehend fully the situation ... so from this I get an awareness when searching out the truth, looking for the whole story and to look at it from all perspectives . It can call for a a lot of research when looking at the facts to discover the whole truth.....

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    Tarot of the Northern Shadows
    VIII Strength Kraft ....
    With this card comes an internal strength, a courage that allows one to endure the most difficult of situations.. Allowing one to achieve all that is possible even when wanting to give up....

  • 0_1578030207155_Fairytale tarot.jpg

    Fairy Tale Tarot
    Five of Wands
    Kintarō, also known as the Golden Boy, is one of Japan’s popular folk heroes. He has been featured in many anime and manga such as One Piece and Otogi Zoshi. In many ways, Kintarō was like Japan’s Tarzan, having been raised in the wild and battling different sorts of weird creatures. The story of Kintarō is said to come from the desire of parents to have their young boys grow up with strength and courage, just like the folk hero.

    The Story from website ...

    Five of Wands speaks of battles, challenges, fights... a sense of conflict, struggles and obstacles ....
    At this time you may find yourself in a battle, in how you react is up to you...

  • @hekatesxing I really like your tarot deck! Its really cool 🙂 What's the name of it?

  • @tuliplilly
    My Tarot decks I created?

  • @hekatesxing yes the ones that you creat ed?

  • @tuliplilly
    the decks I created ..Journey to The Crossroads Tarot,
    Vesta's Art tarot and Sacred Fractal Tarot ...
    available on my blog for details or MPC

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    The Imperatrix Tarot
    II The Priestess

  • @hekatesxing thanks!

  • @tuliplilly welcome take care

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    Gilded tarot
    Ace of Pentacles

    This card speaks of potential.. enabling on to look at all possibilities and know what they are capable of achieving ...

    this card can also speak of representing dreams of material gain. Prosperity gained through hard work....

    I feel also that is could be a chance to think about your health and wellbeing....Wellness can come from making sure you are taking care of self on all levels ...

  • 0_1578528373796_Legacy Divine Tarot.jpg

    Legacy Divine Tarot
    XV The Devil

    Today's message asks we look at our addictions, our bad habits, repeated patterns.. Those things we find ourselves feeling chained to, restricted, bound.. We may find it difficult to stop, to remove from our path at this time.. we may find ourselves going back to what we know does not serve us well. It could be drugs, alcohol, a partner, a relationship on some level, It could be related to Sex from multiple people...., a party that gets out of hand... a feeling of being in control when in reality it controls us .... it could also be a job that does not really make us happy , there really is no reason why we should stay only that we think it is the easy path....
    Are you ready to break those chains?

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