Advice for Gemini woman whose with taurus

  • Can you guys give advice on relationship between Gemini and Taurus? I find Taurus to be very emotional and take things as a big thing when getting into argument. I, Gemini, however can get heated and I can forgive and move past very soon.

  • Well, Taureans do like to feel they are the boss - especially the men - and an argument can feel to them like you are challenging their authority. And once they take a position, they will maintain it stubbornly. Just be careful HOW you argue with them - try to remain calm, gentle and logical - if you become heated or angry, they will not respond well as they hate conflict and prefer harmony. You also have to be very very patient with them. C'mon Gemini, you of all people should be good at communicating well. Cajole, do not try to win out. In a heated argument, there are no winners. A calm debate however can clear the air of any misunderstanding.

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