7 Chakras Questionnaire anyone interested

  • Hi, I just came across this FREE Questionnaire and wondered if anyone else would be interested.
    "If you've never heard of Chakras, in simple terms, they are focal points of energy within our bodies that are used in meditation and yoga practice. The idea is that by finding and correcting any imbalances in our Chakras, we can target and correct any imbalances in our physical, mental, and spiritual self."

    Free 7 Chakra Test - https://seventhlifepath.com/chakra-test/
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    Regardless of whether or not you think this stuff really works, if you have done any meditation in the past, you know that it does end up improving your overall sense of self, making you a better, kinder, and a healthier person ... physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

    So what does the 7 Chakras Test do? Well, the easiest way is to just try it out for yourself ...

    Take the CHAKRA TEST

  • Someone on another thread brought up the topic of Chakras. So as I am struggling I decided to do this Free Chakras test and got the following

  • @Jayann My root chakra is only 15% open.

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