Can i have 2 lifepath numbers "born at midnight"

  • Hello all i am new here and just got into numerology 5 days ago. I basically spend about 8 hrs or more daily reading and calculating, amd im like wow this is soo insane of how the readings turn out......anyways i was born 12/25/1981 12:05 am on birth certificate which is lifepath 11. And dec 24th is lifepath 1.

    Question 1
    Now i have the doings of both lifepaths my business side comes from 1 and spiritual from 11 can this be? I told my mom the clock was 5 min fast that day

    Also i want to change my entire name as i never been happy with it and after meeting my father after 24 years i realize i dont have any traits mentality or physically of that family name.

    Now im following chaldean numerology and using a calculator thats called astrologyfutureeyee. And using the name to match my lifepath. And the name that suits the best is a lifepath 1 name

    I also read on astrogle. Where i am a num 7 and num 2 fadic for dec 25 i should choose a name that fits for venus or moon
    And for dec 24th a num 6 and 1 fadic a venus or sun name

    Sorry if i am asking to much.

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