Marriage Compatibility

  • Hi,
    I want to know marriage Compatibly of this couple. Details are here:
    Boy's name: T
    DOB: 8 May 1993
    Girl's name: A
    DOB: 24 Jan 1991

    Also share some hints about how they perceive relationships with others.

  • Is either of these people you or a family member? Because it is unethical to pry into the personal lives of other people.

  • Well both are my cousins. But I had more bond with girl A, she was my best of best friend, now I don't know some situations come between us and we got break up in 2014. She also broke engagement with my brother. Her whole family cut off us. Those were very heavy and burdensome years for me and my family. In 2018, she got engaged to Boy "T" whose uncle divorced my beloved aunt 18 years ago. Now they fixed marriage dates and want reconciliation with us. Their past behaviour is very hard to forget, that's why I asked. If possible only tell is it worth to reconcile with these people?

  • Well, regarding you and A, I don't think this relationship was ever meant to be a deep, understanding and meaningful one. It functions best as a casual acquaintanceship and I don't ever see deep friendship and trust occurring between you. Unconventional and over-emotional attitudes exist between you that prevent this relationship from ever being a strong or truly close one. A can be vain, insecure and aloof at times. Intense emotions tend to frighten her so she will need a partner who doesn't like or exhibit strong emotions either, which is why T will be suitable. He is very placid and not easily roused to anger.. Actually, her marriage to T can be quite a deep and compatible one. He especially tends to be a very faithful partner. You also mustn't judge him by his uncle's actions as he is loyal, dependable and honest.

    So it's up to you whether you want to forgive and forget. You will never be close to A but if you wish things to be easier between your families, you may be able to form a loose and polite acquaintanceship with her. But don't count on her as a friend.

  • @thecaptain thanks for giving guidance. It is hard for me to again make any bond with A. In fact I my mom asked me to share sisterly bond with A, as I don't have sister, so her suddenly changed behaviour, and also sudden rise in social status play roles to shake our bond. I tried learn how to walk alone and grow individually after break up with A. Anyhow it also teach me so hard lessons.

  • Strange couple. But curious to know the result.

  • Can I have marriage comparability and will we be together eventually?
    Woman name: M
    DOB: 09/03/1981
    Mans name: G
    DOB: 09/20/1986

  • I am not sure, you can do so

  • Mashelmybell love can be a bit complicated and chancy here. C can be intrigued by your mysteriousness, but when mystery shades over into emotional complexity, he may find it hard to fathom. Since you do not depend on other people for praise or support, you may think that C weakens himself by giving in to such needs. Should the relationship gel on the physical plane (which isn’t overly likely), the two of you might contemplate marriage, but as orderly as you are, marital and domestic responsibilities may impose too much structure and responsibility for the two of you to handle.

  • @TheCaptain hi can u help me put please. Are we both compatible? Posting the details woth permission from my boyfriend.
    Me girl- 02/10/1997 ddmmyy
    Him- 20/03/1996

  • I want to know capability as well. I met a girl on a dating website, and since we both love fetish websites, we decided to keep in touch, and we meet from time to time. So I wonder, is there a chance of her becoming my girlfriend one day? I really hope so, but she prefers an open relationship, and I'm not sure if I can be in such a relationship.

  • @Mishka this relationship is more compatible for friendship than for love. The relationship involves a great deal of honesty and openness - perhaps too much; its success will depend, in fact, on its ability to cope with direct confrontations. These challenges may demand adjustments that are at odds with the basic nature of both of your personalities, and you may both feel they compromise your individualities. Giving in to the other person’s demands in a desperate effort to please, and to make the relationship work, may result in a loss of pride and self-esteem. Meaningful compromise is essential if the relationship is to work out in the long term, but giving ground may, unfortunately, be difficult or impossible. Battles between you will put tremendous strains on day-to-day living. This is particularly true in sexual and financial matters, but in many other areas, too, the negative emotions created by the frank attitudes characteristic of this relationship are often too much to handle and arouse insecurity and unhappiness. The spotlight here often falls on your partner and what you as a perfectionist find wrong with him. Should the two of you live together, you may see yourself as an adviser to your partner, whose problems you will try to solve and whose needs you will tend. He can, for his part, come to depend on this support and may even hold on to certain problems because they provide him with a way to gain attention. You, however, can easily swing from over-interest to disinterest, leaving him baffled. He will generally make few demands on you in terms of asking you to change, but one request he will certainly make is that you open up and be more sympathetic. Emotional honesty is so important to him that if he cannot get it from you, he will become depressed, unhappy and restless. To avoid these funks, he will keep pushing harder for honesty, even if this leads to unpleasantness. Real progress can be made in this relationship by open discussion, as long as fairness and justice keep such communication from degenerating into continual bickering.

  • @Paider what are the birthdates of those invovled?

  • I tend to think that it is easier to check compatibility very early on before such an important step as a wedding. Do you know that there are many online flirting and dating sites? If not then hop over to these guys. This is done specifically so that single people can check many parameters for possible compatibility. Daily chat conversations for two weeks will give you more useful information than a horoscope or tarot.

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