2020 reading... love in my future?

  • I'd love to know 11/18/1977. Singly AF right now and loving it - also ready for an energetic shift and a relationship. So, I'm curious. Also, if you pick anything up about career, I'd love to know that too. ❤ Thank you

  • This is going to be a year where your home takes a front seat. 2020 for you will be a year devoted to home, family, and responsibility - a time to regroup, nurture, and be nurtured. On the career front - it’s a “make or break” time for business. Your theme song for the year: “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” Any sort of home-based career would work for you in 2020. Or any career that involves the home, like cooking/catering, child-minding, home design, gardening/farming, etc. Do you have a desire to move? Redesign the kitchen or bath? Revitalize the year with a new landscaping design, water feature, or planter? This is the perfect time to beautify your home on any level.

    Romance-wise, this is a perfect year to attract “the one” or to recommit and “grow” your current intimate relationship. This is also the best year in a long while for engagement or marriage if you have met 'the one'. 2020 will test your sense of idealism, particularly when it comes to relationships. Do you give yourself away to your kids, spouse, parents, boss, or friends? Or do you level judgment on those around you, impeding your - and their - happiness? It’s time to investigate whether you feel empowered or disempowered in your relationships.

  • This is wonderful, thank you! I'm in transition actually for stepping away from traditional therapy and into a coaching model, which would be home based. I want freedom to travel and experience life!
    I've been doing the self work relentlessly for a few years and feel so stable and great. I would LOVE to meet someone who echos that. The unworthy seem to be bouncing right off lately, which is amazing. Such a wonderful place to be!
    Thank you Captain, so much for this!

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