Knights of swords and 9 of cups together

  • What does it mean when you get a Knight of Swords paired with a 9 of cups? I did the 2020 reading and it said the 9 of cups card was a secret weapon card. But, i thought maybe that was the future card. Can anyone help give me some insight about these 2 cards together?

  • @tuliplilly

    for me the knight of Swords can remind us not to rush ahead but to slow down and to make a clear plan, to strategize .....
    It can also speak of an intellectual type youthful male that is an air sign , that seems to rush into battle without much thought .....

    With the nine of cups we see a wish granted, material success.. things coming as you desire them to be.....

    so together it could mean that as long as you make clear plans and do not rush in, things will be successful overall through changes on an emotional level ....

  • @hekatesxing
    thanks, I just saw this!

  • @tuliplilly

    So welcome ., take care

  • @TulipLilly There are a couple ways that you can interpret this pair.

    1. Im not sure what spread that you did when you state that 9 of cups was your secret weapon card. However. If this is the context in which you did the reading. It would suggest that someone will verbally attack you in order to defeat you at something YOU ARE engage in and unbeknownst to have your ducks in a row and they can harm you.
    2. If the 9 of cups is simply an outcome card. Than the Knight of Swords is an action card. And therefore, the two card spread indicates that through swift, direct action...and use of thoughts and words and Bravery
      You get what you want.

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