cancer and taurus

  • I have been dating a cancer guy (i am a taurus btw)?for 7 months and the recent two months was long distance relationship where we only met once or twice a month. He had to go back to his hometown to further his studies and work there. We had small fights in between and recently he says that he has no feelings for me and that we are not suitable to be a couple anymore. He had compromise and give in alot to me but I felt like I didnt compromise enough and maybe this is why he is retreating and slowly backing off. But i manage to ask him to reconsider and gave us one more chance and he did. But since it is LDR we could only text. All we texted is morning, nights and sometimes he will tel me about his whereabouts and i will share mine too. Other than that, it felt like there is nothing much to talk about and I feel like he is scared and hurt so he does not talk that much. What should I do?

  • Typical Cancer male - blows very hot at first and then turns cold. Only looking for a mummy. You should not be the one doing all the compromising. Find someone who is not a loser and who will treat you well.

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