Sag woman, Virgo man grew up as best friends & now..?

  • Hi! Is there anyone willing to do a reading and help me on my current situation? lol My name is Sam (dob: 12/13/97) and I have been friends with my best friend Cees my whole life. I thought I sensed that he liked me romantically but he has never really made a move and he has a girlfriend. Does he like romantically? & if so will he ever pursue me seriously? I guess im just kinda confused, he gives me a lot of mixed signals, idk what to think! LOL
    Thank Yall for hearing me rant haha, much lovee! ❤

  • What is Cees' date of birth?

  • Its 9/3/98 🙂 Thank Youu

  • Yes there can be romantic feelings here on both sides, but your friend is likely worried that it would ruin the friendship between you if you got involved in a love affair. Basically, he is right. This likely wouldn't last as a long term love relationship because you are two very different people. You are the adventurer, the freedom-lover and taker of chances Sam, and you tend to see the bigger picture and have a grand view of life. Cees is more cautious and loves to pick over all the small details of life. He is more sensitive than you and more critical. He will end up feeling neglected by you in a romance. Emotionally complex, he requires a degree of effort, patience and understanding that you may be unable or unwilling to give. It is unlikely then that romantic feelings could be maintained over the long haul.

  • @thecaptain Thank you for your help, you are right we are different people and the friendship is too much to risk. Blessings, and thanks again for the reading ❤

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