I need help with Cancer man (Capricorn woman here)

  • Well, hello everyone.

    If there are some Capricorn women out there who had an experience with Cancer men could you please help me ? (or a Cancer man that can help me understand the sign)

    They confuse me so much, the first interaction with them are always fun and cool and they are very caring and charming I will never deny that but suddenly they become super distant and/or too sexual and I don't tolerate that.
    I feel like when you don't give them what they want they have no problem cutting you out and all their "lovely" talk means nothing (it's kind of a manipulative mindset to be honest).
    It seems like they are afraid of commitment or maybe I'm just wrong and I don't understand them at all. They don't try to talk about what's wrong, they say "everything is fine stop worrying or overthink everything" but how could I not when one day they tell me that they like me and the next they act so cold ?

    I wish I could stop being so attracted to them lol, I always end up being hurt and left all alone with their empty words.
    I will always think that they are very sweet and they just try to protect themselves but I wish they would be more honest and be careful with their words.

    Thank you in advance if someone reads that lol.

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