Gemini & Cancer in Chart- Help Please :)

  • Hey, I have Gemini and Cancer in my chart. What does this combination mean? Is that a good thing or not? I am interested in a typical cancer man, does this make us a good match.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Gemini Female 🙂

    Sun Gemini

    Moon Libra

    Mercury Cancer

    Venus Cancer

    Mars Gemini

    Jupiter Libra

    Saturn Libra

    Uranus Scorpio

    Neptune Sagittarius

    Pluto Libra

    Lilith Scorpio

    Asc node Leo

    Ascendant Taurus

    II Gemini

    III Cancer

    IV Leo

    V Virgo

    VI Libra

    VII Scorpio

    VIII Sagittarius

    IX Capricorn

    Midheaven Aquarius

    XI Pisces

  • All I can advise to you is to go back and read about Cancer men or just the sign itself.

  • Sorry I think I misunderstood the question.

  • I'm not exactly an expert on planets in various signs, but I know a Gemini girl and Cancer guy can make a great match. You probably like his off-the-wall sense of humor and he probably appreciates the light you bring to his sometimes pessimistic outlook. Since you have Cancer in your chart as well, you could likely understand him even better than the average Gemini. The only issue that might arise is that he might get a little jealous of your guy friends and you might find his outlook on life to be a little old-fashioned. However, these can easily be resolved with calm discussion . Also, remember, in general, Cancers are very sensitive. Good luck!

  • how do i find out whats in my chart if im a gemini??

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