help me with my gemini man (again)

  • Hi im leo woman, been seeing my Gem man for 6 months now. We met online and went on date to a bar where we spent talking all night. Its a bit boring, i thought i will not see him again but he text me the next day and since then i start noticing his presence suddenly into my life. We spent a great 6 months together, its happy memories although when it comes to sex i never really have sexual satisfaction. He seems off, or maybe not into me or i think because he has been through some depression, sex is no longer on his mind which i understand. Apart from that, i always feel like he’s more above me, gem man is so intelligent and they just naturally smart and thats what i like abt him. I asked him why you still stay with me because i feel our relationship is soooo boring and i know gemini cant stand that. He just said i dont know. We’re pretty commited to each other, pretty exclusive but he left 2 months ago to work in his hometown so its like LDR thingy. He cry in our last night together because he deals with that emotion and we kept connected ever since. A week ago something happen in our chat and i ignore him for 2 days. We argue a bit and i call him and clarify the situation whether he want to be with me fully committed or not otherwise im not gonna invest my time in him just chatting via whatsapp and skype on the weekend. I tend to push others away with my Leo soul and i finally said i wanna cut it of with him which i regret later on because i miss him so much. This fun side and caring and being sweet to me attracts me day by day. Hes not that typical of womanizer but i do know he has a lot of friends opposite sex and possibly chatting online with others too.
    I told him its too much for me to talk to him everyday without me knowing where we going. He offers to decrease our communication but still
    Keep connecting. Hes so afraid that i will block him on all access but im
    Not that type of person. Two days ago we connect again, he texted me and chat a bit but i sense that he change into this flat and cold person unlikely. He stop being the fun and happy chappy texter, maybe because now he doesnt respect me?? Or the twin has finally out. I feel like im tired but theres an urge in me saying just try and put more effort because i completely never done anything to make him feel loved or cared. I never text him first, i ignore him because he’s being rude and miscommunication happens.
    What should i do, can i text him back or should i text him by joking around or start texting in a serious way or what should i say to him? Helppp me understand more about Gem.. i dont wanna give up on this Gem just yet. Thanks guys

  • Can you supply both birth dates?

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  • @thecaptain 11 aug 1990, 19 june 1989

  • This relationship can sweep both of you off your feet in a storm of passion. Its mood is romantic, intense and compelling. The focus here may well prove to be the realization of fantasies and imaginative impulses. You Anjalouisee will usually seek and demand admiration, however you may find yourself worshiping at this man's feet, and he may not hesitate to exert dominant control over you once he feels he is in the driver’s seat. His influence is rarely destructive, however - in fact, the attitude of both of you toward the relationship tends toward the devotional. A love affair or marriage here is likely to be sexually exciting. Both of you are often stirred by your love to the very depths of your being, and these feelings tend to endure over time. Your Gemini may find himself responsible for maintaining the home base and providing a stable foundation for the relationship while you are out in the world overcoming obstacles and attaining success. On the domestic front, you will generally appear to be the boss but Gemini man will be the real power behind the throne. Friendship between you can be understanding and supportive. You may be impatient from time to time with the more passive attitudes of the Gemini, while he in turn may simultaneously resent and rely on your aggression.

    Advice: Exercise patience and care. Beware of burnout. Keep emotions on an even keel. Keep your wits about you in matters of feeling. Realize that your Gemini thinks his way through life, while you operate on passion and impulse. This difference may make it hard to find a compromise.

  • @thecaptain Thanks captain for the advice. Really appreciate this very helpful advice. It sounds like a lot of hard work and massive efforts needs to be done in order for us to happen and stay in a healthy relationship Long distance.
    The current situation - however - we are not really talking anymore like as we did 2 weeks ago. We chatted intensely, my morning - his evening, and the other way around, send pictures, video chat and such. Communications were really good, meanwhile I with my Leo soul always have drama on little thing.

    I pulled myself away from him and that has made him consider "yes, it might not be best to text a lot but doesn't mean we are disconnected somehow." I am now taking it so slow since he doesn't have any stable ground for himself. Meanwhile I know what I want.
    On the other side, I don't want to give up on him yet, I want to understand him more, It's challenging for me, this is my first healthy relationship ever and he has shaken my entire world ever since he stepped in. I learn how to compromise and just following him through with his moods ( he indeed is the boss in our relationship which I take as positive influence since I was always the control freak in my previous relationship). It's very challenging situation for me right now since I always been the princess, I learn a lot to manage my ego, be more mature about relationship, manage my patience and understand him while I suffer in silence. I hope I can cope with it and if I'm not, then I probably let it go entirely.
    Thank you for the advice tho!

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  • @jayann I don’t understand what is this? Can you explain more please?

  • @anjalouisee
    this was numerology love compatibility
    I used both your date of birth
    and got this
    I was just playing.

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