Career reading

  • Hello lovely people!

    I have been reading this forum for quite sometime but never had the courage to actually post/ask something.
    I am rediscovering Tarot again, after a long break. Couple of months ago I felt I want to go back consulting the cards, I got a new Tarot deck (the Radiant Rider-Waite) and began reading to me and to close friends.
    I did a career reading for myself where I am not quite sure what is the outcome. I changed my career 6 months ago, now working in a totally different environment then before.
    The reading was focused on my true niche in life, and career choice.
    I used nine cards spread as follows:

    1. Current situation - King of wands
    2. Why it isn't / is working - Page of swords
    3. What are your strengths - Temperance
    4. What are your weaknesses - Judgment
    5. How do you combine strengths and weaknesses to find your true niche in life - The Hierophant
    6. How will you find it - Knight of swords
    7. Where/When will you find it - Five of wands
    8. Who will help you find it - Ten of swords
    9. Your true niche in life is.. - Nine of swords

    I would really appreciate if someone could help me interpret the cards.

    Thanks in advance

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