Emperor reversed with empress upright

  • Hey guys. I pulled a couple of cards for a friend who is having some paternity doubts. What came up was the emperor reversed with the empress upright. What are you guys getting from this? Thanks in advance.

  • golden1,
    I would see both of these cards as mostly "settled out" areas. Especially the Emperor, that is a very detached theme area.

    Were someone to approach me with that question, "what do you see about this paternity matter?" I would interpret the cards as basically saying, "It seems at rest, established, perhaps a little defensive (Empress), and also detached from life in general (Emperor), so it sounds like a non-issue."

  • Hi @golden1
    I'd be interested to know which party asked for the reading.
    Emperor reversed, to me, suggests that maybe the father is trying to shirk his responsibilities, if it was him who asked.
    If the question was raised by the child's mother then it's possible the man she's claiming (or hoping) is father is not really the baby daddy.

  • @55degrees it was him

  • This post is deleted!

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