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  • This relationship makes for a good friendship but will struggle for love. Too often, this relationship will elevate power to a position of primary importance, ignoring more human considerations. And should the drive for power be internalized within the relationship, the two of you are likely to slug it out, and in not too pretty a fashion. Strong conflicts will likely emerge between you. Your partner can be extremely critical of your methods, as you will often adopt a straightforward attitude and just go for it. This can offend his moral sensibilities as he likes to insist on a particular way of doing things. He typically will want to set the rules, while you prefer to break them. Yet you also share many values, and may even at times adopt a monolithic stance that can be somewhat unfeeling to your friends or families. Power struggles however can push your love affair onto the rocks if they are combative enough. An inability to open your hearts to each other will signal the end, even if your sexual expression is still going strong. Marriage here is likely to be ambitious, seeking the very best that life has to offer in terms of material wealth and possessions. Failure to accomplish these ends however can deal a major blow to the relationship’s confidence in itself, spawning anger, resentment and blame.

    In friendship, extremely close bonds can develop, but they are not always of the most positive sort: you two may offer each other a bitter sort of consolation for shared feelings of rejection or inadequacy. Shrugging off such attitudes and renewing the will to try again, and this time to succeed, may give the relationship the strength it needs to serve as an inspirational force in both your lives.

    Your partner's work will always take priority in his life and you may sometimes feel neglected and lacking in attention. He for his part wants a partner who can offer him security, affection and support. But he needs to be careful that he doesn’t become too dependent in his love affair, and to take as much as he gives as he can have trouble saying "No!" to people he loves.

    You are very generous and giving,but you need to ensure you allow others to see your vulnerable human qualities as well as your super-capable ones. In a relationship, you will try to work for harmony but you can become quarrelsome if you feel insecure. Learning to be more patient will help smooth over any problems.

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