What's your experience been like with a Virgo man?

  • I was married to one and it's been the most difficult dark phase of my life.

  • @archersag BAD. LIKE HELL.
    It was the worst relationship of my life. Gave me depression and anxiety. Hope you are doing well now.

  • @archersag I have dealt with two Virgo males from my past. Both experiences were traumatizing.

  • Can't believe I have never met a Virgo man.. lol. I'm a Pisces woman.

  • @anon-undertaker-0 are you a crab? 🦀

  • My 1st love was a Virgo man. He was in my mind, perfection personified, but then I am a Virgo too. He had the confidence of a Leo, the mind of a Gemini, the passion of a Scorpio. Of course his opinion of me was less than equal. I never really knew where I stood with him. He just wanted to be my friend for most of the time I knew him, denying at first that love even existed. That logical mind of his wouldn't accept such nonesense. He could be hyper-callous and judgemental and made several random observations about myself or my appearance that still cut me to this day. He was very controlling, argumentative and elusive. He was very hard to know deeply so I felt honored when he let me in, those few times that he did. He was always planning something; adept at manipulation.

  • Would you like to share what happened? Only if you are comfortable.

  • @Saloni-Sharma were you asking me?

  • @IrieEden Yes I was asking you.

  • @Saloni-Sharma Sure. We ended up losing touch over the years. We went from talking on and off all day, every day (It was long distance), to not talking for years. He was my first love though and I always thought of him. We reconnected via email a few years ago. He's in a relationship that he's unhappy with. He grew a lot as a person. Apologized for hurting me in the past and explained about his reasoning behind his behavior. He said he was a young kid, afraid to commit and afraid of the feelings he had for me. He's been opening up to me more and more and for the first time I'm getting the real him and he's getting the real me. No manipulation, no secrets. We cant be together. He has a family and so do I. We both agree that this is only a friendship and that any chance of there being anything between us ended years ago. I love him very much and he still says that he's unsure if he loves me or not. He enjoys my friendship. I'm finally ok with the fact that we'll never be together and that he will likely never reciprocate feelings for me.

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