I read someones post about accessing their akashick records?

  • I read a post about someone elae accessing their akashick records. Does anyone know how to access theirs? I thought maybe it could help me if I could read them. If anyone knows how to, please respond back:) Thanks!

  • @tuliplilly
    ok stupid here
    what is akashick records?
    I googled but non the wiser.

  • @jayann it s supposed to be a book of sorts or a record of information about different past lives in it. I believe it has a wealth of information in it for each of us out there. I don't know if its one huge collective of information or if each person has one. Its on a different plane or a dimension. I somehow obtained access to it once by accident. When I was a young girl. I had a mentor at one point that i talked to about my experience and they told me it sounded like the akashic records I've heard that you have to ask your spirit guide for permission to view it. It can come across as viewing images or look like an actual book. I actually was able to google it and it actually came up on wikipedia. Im not sure how to attach the image of the screenshot on here. Im not sure if im spelling it correctly. Try taking the k off and spell it akashic record.

  • Idk if you will see this so many years later, but I've heard of people accessing past life information through quantum hypnosis. It was a method created by Dolores Cannon. Might be worth looking into if you're still interested.

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