Help Interpretating Tarot Cards

  • I need help reading cards that I pulled for a situation. I am still in the early stages of learning to read them. I asked what do I need to know about myself and this certain guy. I did the celtic cross and this is what I came up with Queen of Swords, Knight of cups, 2 of cups, page of cups, the lovers, the moon, 3 cups, page of swords, 4 pent., and the six of wands. The cards look good to me but would like help from the pro's. I like this guy and I feel like he likes me but is not sure of himself or maybe another women is involved duuno. Thank you so much in advance for helping me read the cards.

    Love and LIght

  • I don't think there's any other women but I am seeing 2 children, you & him. The moon indicates that one of you (or both) are not seeing things the way they really are. Overall a decent reading but there are issues (aren't there always?) ha ha...


  • Thanks for helping with this reading. What type of issues do you see from the cards? Also would this be something to continue to pursue or to move on to something else. He is a Cap

    and I am a Aquarius. He is an officer of the law and has not made wise choices in the women that he dates. Its like he wants me but he doesn't. He gives me mixed messages and that makes me hold back at times. I agree with your statement about issues although isn't that with anything in life, haha.

    Love and LIght

  • I would say that he may be withholding his thoughts or feelings or giving you the impression he's ready to move forward but isn't; that type of thing. (from the moon card)

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