**Female Capricorn and male Virgo.**

  • This guy was my best friends brother, then my FWB partner, then my bf and then just a ghost to a curious virgo (maybe?)

    Backround story
    He and I met secretly behind my BFF's back and we carried this on for a year and then just fell in love. Everybody, got to know through this year we loved each other and were sleeping together and we even got the approval of my BFF and his mom to be together. His mom had seen me naked in bed with him once though LOL.

    I spent weekends with them both my best friend and him... spent Christmas with them, his best friends knew me, spent new years and my birthday.

    We were so in love but then I got depressed and I couldn't handle the way he felt about that. He made me feel so depressed about being depressed. His friends made fun of me and he didn't know what to do either... but, I didn't either. I just turned into a different person and he talked about breaking up with me and then I just left. My BFF said he had missed me for so long and was so hurt by me leaving... because, I had lived with them the last 3 months of our relationship.

    He had kept in contact after a few months and had persistently tried to see me but I always backed off because I thought it was the better thing... but, now I regret it because he has a GF and I am still deeply in love with him.

    I am only curious if he misses me because recently I moved to the other side of the country and before I left I had a great sleep over with his mom and my BFF. Told his mom/my BFF how I was doing and I am 90% they told him about me moving to the other side of the country.

    because he started stalking me on social media... he does not follow me on Instagram but views my story almost every day...

    He doesn't have me on snapchat but it's public and he also watches that.

    I am wondering why he is always still stalking me on social media because I still miss him and love him but he has a gf that he has been with for a few months.

    If he and her ever broke up I would take him back in a heart beat.

  • Can you give both yours and his birth dates?

  • @thecaptain 9/11/93 is his and mine is 12/25/97

  • Sexually this can be an intense relationship but, because you can be very unrealistic, it would be very difficult for a long lasting love match. There would be many power struggles and competition between you in the long-term and it is not the most compatible relationship you will ever have. Your ex can get stuck on/obsessed over things and people and finds it hard to let go, even when he is no longer interested romantically. He would like to believe your life will be less happy without him.

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