Dream interpretation please help me i terept this weird dream

  • So i had this really strange dream and i am wandering of someone can interpet it for me? I was back in my childhood home in my old bedroom. Sleeping on bottom bunk and i was an adult, not a kid. There was a woman with me. Then a older bed with white bedposts pop up and the blanket starts to rise up like a ghost is under there. Then the woman by disappears and i go to sit up and my head is stuck to the top part of the bunk bed. And I have to get someone to help me. My older daughter comes to help me unstick myself. This nail is probably embeded as far down an inch and it hurts pretty bad. Then she helps me get out of the room. She disappears and my dad appears with neosporin. Then when i go to wake up I have an old song stuck in my head..Called Tears on my Pillow. Its an oldies break up song basically. When I woke up, I felt upset because the dream was strange and I felt unsettled but I am not sure why. Can someone please help me with this dream interpretation. I have some ideas but I'm not sure if I am right or not.

  • An old unhealed hurt/wound from the past - in your childhood - has not yet been resolved by the sound of it.

  • @thecaptain can a nail in the head represent not feeling well? Or do you think maybe the nail in my head is me having difficulty trying to let go of my past with my ex husband? Since, I heard the song play as I was waking up..
    Tears in my pillow by the Drifters.

  • @tuliplilly I feel this goes back beyond your ex but may be triggered by his actions. Did anyone else treat you like this when you were younger? The nail in the head could represent the truth - or not facing it - ie. 'hitting the mail on the head' expression.

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