cancer (f) virgo (m) help

  • i wrote a post a couple weeks ago about a breakup i had with an ex cancer woman (18) and me a virgo man (20). it was messy and ive been going to therapy and things have felt good for me, really good. ive learned to appreciate my friends and what ive got. however still now, ive still been thinking about her, i dont miss her really, but theres this pull inside my soul, i still feel we we're meant to be, even tho yes it sounds stupid, but ive accepted that things are out of my control, ive accepted that she may not want anything to do with me, ive found a lot of joy in what im doing on my own and its wonderful. however today i got a bomb dropped on me. me my ex and my best friend of 7 years have been the trio, we've done everything together, she is such a nurturing person and opened us up emotionally. ever since this breakup she was distant from everyone for a while, but then she started talking to him for support, and right now the classic symptoms of rebound are coming up. they're very different people and have a lot of different beliefs. yet he says he thinks it would be "cool" to have a relationship with her because she respects him and he feels he can share with her unlike other girls, but that's the type of girl she is, very nurturing. anyways, hes sorta in a trance and i told him that she cant be the key to his happiness and hes in the wrong mindset, she as well is going to fall back into that dependency, because its been 2 weeks, she couldn't have grown from past trauma that fast, not to be mean, but seriously. i told him he should enjoy and accept the support he has now, and that having a relationship will only cause issues and clashing. not to say it as a way to stop him so I can step in, but seriously, now we are all gonna end up split from each other and it sucks. not to mention he moved and it would be some ldr. anyways i wrote this because I know I cant control this outcome, and obviously we don't even know what her answer is, he said we should drop it and stop talking about her, but idk if they are mutual about this, but anyways i wanted to ask if its a good time to reconnect. or will it cause jumble in her head because now she thinks shes in love with multiple people.

  • there's lots of signs and idk what I should do

  • @zwpro
    I am confused

  • is it a good time to reconnect?

  • especially with mercury hitting that retrograde

  • The only 'sign' you need to be watching for is your ex contacting you to say she wants to get back together with you. Until then, leave her in peace.

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