Need advices ideally from scorpion women :)

  • Hello guys,
    Hope you are well.

    My problem in few words :

    I was very close friend to a Virgo man ( I’m Scorpio ), and at some point he kind of acting very strangely like beginning to like me ( that’s what I thought ) but he was also very confused.
    One day I lost my patience and said horrible words like I don’t understand you, you are from no use... but that’s because he kept trying to make me jealous. Literally it was making him so happy to see me that way so yeah I lost it totally. Anyway he cut me off obviously lol but he came back 8 month later and apologised for cutting me off and tried to find some excuses, he wants to reconnect.
    I’m really confused because I’m someone who likes boundaries; either we are friend or we are not, I hate confusion. Also I know that he has a collection of girls that he call when needed and hurt many girls I don’t like that. There is a part of me who wants to avoid anymore crap and say bye and a part of
    Me who wants to be friends again . So I’m really confused , if you could give me advices please that would be really great thanks smile

  • @starsfalling
    ok know the background
    sounds so much like me
    so others can help you date of birth dd/mm/yyyy for both of you will help.

  • @starsfalling Read the thread "The heart of a virgo man" on this forum. Hope you'll get all your answers.

  • Scorpios are suuuuuuuper perceptive... trust your gut. Listen to yourself. One scorpio and intuitive to another, I strongly feel that you're answer to be with him is a "No". And on a human level, making someone jealous just to do it is not ok and it's very immature. It doesn't feel right because you've outgrown it. Best wishes!

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