Anyone Can I please get a reading please

  • 4-17-66 I need to know if situation I am in is going to get better soon. Anything?

  • @faithfulone
    Sorry I am useless at doing readings.
    Maybe if he has time @TarotNick can help.

  • Hi Faithfulone,

    This is what I picked up,

    You are uneasy, socially things are moving
    More than one thing is hitting you and you are having trouble focusing
    With that you start something then just move on with out completing things
    By doing that you don't have control over what is happening
    There are obstacles that you are running into that will come out but at a cost
    Your still upset over it
    You will see something come of it, but it will be small
    Your emotions just swing because you are not focused or you don't have control over them
    Be strong and you will see hope
    You make things happen, let it come out of you...just be who you are
    You will have a choice to make...let it be peaceful...

    Hope that helps,

  • @tarotnick
    Just as I am feeling so sounds like I am gonna keep hitting these walls. Not something to look forward to. Wish my situation would get better but it's not what I understand from your reading?

  • True it looks like you have Stuff coming at you...BUT...go to the last three lines. Be strong and you will see will make something happen...and it is your choice. So that means how you choose to handle this is how it will end up. Easy from this end to say don't give up, but it is in you to make it happen to what you want. It is a matter of perception, you didn't spill all the milk you can still enjoy what is left in the glass. Or be annoyed that it spilt and it needs to be cleaned up.


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