Hmmm.......I Guess I Should Be Happy for Him...

  • I emailed my ex like, 2 months ago-He replied, stating "What's Up?" -I replied back, asking him what "mistakes I made in our relationship that made it sour--for future reference". I didn't write the email to him to reconcile WITH him. He never responed to the email.

    Then, just last Thursday, I emailed, stating "What's up"--just to see how he was doing.

    Then, I receieved this email: "Can you please stop emailing me. I am no longer interested in you, and I have a girlfriend that Im getting married to."

    I thought I was over him. I didn't think that email would sting me.

    Y didn't he tell me this the first time I emailed????

    I should be happy that he's moved why I am NOT happy?

  • Did it ever occur to you that you were not the reason your relationship went south? That maybe he was a dirtbag and you got played? You emailed 2 months ago, and agin recently... now sorry to say it, but isn't that like way too fast for this guy to start doing the "I'm getting married dance", unless he was seeing you both at the same time. You aren't unhappy that he moved on, you are unhappy that he left you feeling like a victim.

    No one is happy in a break up, but especially the one who was left feeling victimized. Make a personal rule and stick to it from now on, when it is over, IT IS OVER! No more emails, no late night calls, nothing--he is about as useful to your future as a busted birthday balloon! Stop looking at yourself as the victim here, and start acting like what you are by birthright--a powerful and wonderful woman! So one guy didn't work out... you've probably heard this before, but there are a million more out there and contrary to popular belief, the good ones are not all taken or gay!!! Burn that bridge child, get back in the game and find the one you really are meant to be with!

  • I basically agree with the last poster. but i do have a further thought. In broken relationships. There is alway a space left. Most times, it will take a passage of time to fill. Quickest way to "get on with it" is to be open to new people, new events...or activities that not only occupy your mind -but other areas of your being....could be in some artistic or creative activity? Maybe a class in drawing or painting - Maybe something focused with a group using a theme (book :Artist Way) to be discussed with others... a church or community group with a purpose you agree with? Some type of volunteering? A friend that may want to get away for a short trip to a new location(all the planning and dreaming involved) ? A dream notebook with pictures that come from combing left over magazine? A party you host or go to - and meet new people - focused not in the"who you are missing" or asking yourself "what did I do wrong"..mind set ? Celebrating the newnest of every day of your becoming..........Aloneness is not bad - may take some getting use to - but the Desire to feel whole as an individual - after the grieving the loss - and going on to continue discovering who you are....

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