May I have an employment / business reading, please?

  • I have started my own business and things are quite slow. While I identified where there was room for improvement (there is always room for improvement), I'm finding it difficult to make ends meet. My regular clients enjoy my offerings, but I'm not attracting new clients.

    My partner lost his job in unpleasant circumstances, and is having great difficulty finding another.

    I know there is nothing out of the ordinary in these scenarios, but I have a gut feeling that there is something more to it...interference of some sort.

    May I have a reading, please, to get some insight as to how we should proceed.

    Thank you!

  • What is your business?

  • I'm a yoga teacher. Running my own classes, rather than working for a studio.

  • @samemistakes how do you advertise your services, because I get the feeling that many people just don't know about you?

  • @samemistakes
    do you have a business plan?
    You need to know what makes your business different.
    Do you do yogo for the people with long term health problems?
    Where did you train?
    What will happen if you get ill? Do you know someone who can step in and keep the business ticking over until you get back on your feet?
    When do you want to retire and do you want to sell on your business or just close its doors?
    A business plan is 4/5th understanding your business and 1/5th accounting forecasting , legal regs.
    Like @TheCaptain said you need to advertise.
    How about giving your regulars an opportunity to invite a friend for a free taster.
    Do you have a elevator speech?
    good luck.

  • @thecaptain Thank you, I advertise mainly on social media (various local groups), but I also have posters on noticeboards and cafes in the area.

    What about my partner's situation?

  • Can you give me you and your partner's dates of birth?

  • @thecaptain Thanks, his is May 18, 1965, and mine is January 19, 1970.

  • @samemistakes, 2020 for your partner is about endings, letting go, and moving forward. He should perhaps consider retirement or moving into to a completely different type of work. “As one door closes another opens”, as they say, but if he refuses to accept that certain doors really have closed, he will be unable to recognize the new possibilities and new chapter of his life that will come in 2021. If he continues to seek the same type of work, he will fail. Retraining or further study may be necessary. It is time for him to change his thinking and to release any old ideas or ways of doing things that are no longer relevant or helpful. Before he can progress, he must release himself emotionally, mentally, or physically, from those aspects which no longer serve a purpose and are chaining him to a point in time that no longer exists. Your partner must re-invent himself this year to be ready for 2021, a whole new beginning for him.

    For you, if you work from home, things will go great for you in 2020. Anything connected to a family business or the home base will thrive. Perhaps you and your partner could get involved in a joint venture? 2020 is a time to re-invent yourself -a journey of responsibility, relationship, balance, love, and healing. You will want to become more self-reliant and secure, and to establish your ‘place’ in the world. You may also have to reconsider ideas and beliefs that are no longer appropriate to these times or to your unique situation. New responsibilities will arise. New possibilities will appear. New places will be discovered - you may even seek a new home in 2020, as you seek your right place in the world – a place in which a strong sense of belonging can be enjoyed. You will need this place of sanctuary for 2021 as you will then be feeling like retreating from the world or recharging your batteries in a place of healing and contemplation. 2022 will be your BIG year for career and finances.

  • @thecaptain Thank you very much, Captain. My partner is a high-paid (when he's working) professional in a scientific field. It would be difficult for him to completely change direction, however, I did ask him if he would be willing to do further training, and he said yes. He has been dwelling on the way he lost his job for about 6 months now, unable to let it go. I wonder if you were picking up on that.

    As far as my situation is concerned, I have a lovely space (my late father's art studio) on our property that I intend converting into a yoga studio. This is my dream. The only problem is that it will cost more money than anticipated to complete. My partner suggested we increase our home loan a bit and do the work straight away (rather than waiting for me to save the money...which at this rate will be a long time). I have some savings, but am keeping them as a nest egg. The idea is tempting, but I'm also afraid of getting in further debt. At the moment I am renting a space (by the hour) for my yoga teaching, which is not ideal.

    I am physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted from the events of the past two years, so your description of my desires for 2020 is very accurate!

  • @samemistakes
    please create a business plan. Your other half can do it. At the end you will know what makes your yogo sessions different to other classes and you will be able to better posters and adds.
    They also contribute in getting business finance by proving that you can pay the loan back. Business angles, charities and societies who provide social loans.

  • @jayann Thanks, I will. I can see the benefits. But I already know what makes my yoga sessions different to other classes, and have just had my new batch of posters printed that emphasise that area.

  • @samemistakes have you looked up or posted in yoga forums or groups for people in your area? I also feel there may be something about your posters that is putting people off. Have you stated your fees? And have you compared your services to similar services in the area - if so, what are the popular groups doing that you are not?

  • @samemistakes

  • @thecaptain I have done all of the above. I know what I initially did that may have put people off, and have modified that. The days/times I can teach are limited by the availability of the venues, and that may play a large part. Which is why I would love to be able to finance the conversion of my studio. I have changed my posters, too, making the language more accessible, and have also changed where I've been leaving them (this time at doctors' surgeries). I just distributed my new posters today.

  • @thecaptain I had an epiphany in the car: I've been investing so much time and energy in promoting my public group classes, when the original idea behind my business was to offer primarily private one-on-one sessions (or small groups). I even have a sign on my car to promote that aspect of the business. Yet, I haven't been promoting this side of my business at all!

  • Considering what you must be paying in rental fees, I feel that converting your studio will pay off in the end in dividends of finances as well as happiness.

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