REALLYYYYYYYY Loving accessing my Akashic records. Anyone else? What have you learned?

  • The one thing I have learned is that (in my belief) my journey to love myself the most over these past 15 years, has resulted in me accessing my records and recognizing more love than I even imagined possible. I believe I had to learn to love, and reaaaaally love me before I could recognize their love for me. lt is so beyond amazing. So beyond amazinggggggg. Also, as odd as what I see is, none of it is scary, it's like "oh hi, I see you." and my guides, I don't even know what some of them are, are so non-descript and beautiful, soooo beautiful, and don't speak, but have such an amazing way of connecting emotionally to me - I am absolutely in awe. So beautiful. SO.Beautiful.

  • @gladyouwroteme how do you access the akahisikic records? (I hope I spelled that correctly)

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