Cancer fever! ;)

  • I was with a cancer guy just for a month and a half. Extremely affectionate guy, always around taking care of me. The friends through whom I had met him, got me into a huge mess with my family and I ended up leaving the whole bunch coz no one really turned up when I asked them to. Very shitty situation. I wanted to continue to talk to the cancer guy coz of his nature and how he was. I even gifted him his favorite whiskey, wrote him a letter and a did a lot as his birthday was nearing. We even kissed a lot of times and also had a night out. I wished him on his birthday and he was very happy that I did, and this was after a month of him not talking to me. After that day of wishing him, he said we would meet up in the evening. I asked him why he hasn't texted me since and also asked him if there was a problem, if there was something we needed to talk about. He said it was all good and there was ntng as such. He never responded after that. Its been almost 3 months I haven't got a single text from him. I'm still hungover the same thing. I still hope some day he would miss me and just text me. Am I wrong to hope? Should I not hope and completely get it out of head and look for someone new?

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