Is this my chance too reconnect? (Cancer ex)

  • So recently in seeing some of the week's astrology readings, I notice that cancers are going to experience a reconnection with someone from a past relationship. Is this the right time to be able to maybe ask for some friendship in slowly building trust with my ex?

  • The breakup was recent, but recently there were these mugs that meant a lot to her, but they broke when we got to college. They were old ones, I managed to find them online, i ask this question because i don't want to interrupt the process of our healing and begin clouding her mind again with thoughts of regret or fear. I wanted to give them to her before because obviously her and i weren't likely to break up until we did. When we broke up i became desperate and selfish saying she couldn't leave and i was nothing without her, but i was wrong, and i need to mature. I wrote a letter explaining what i need go work on and how i was selfish and desperate and to be a better man i need to love myself and the man i want to become. Nothing like asking for a chance, i just didn't want her to remember me begging and being someone i should not have been. So i don't know if should deliver these mugs or maybe wait

  • If you try to get back with her now, she will think all your promises about becoming a better person were just lies as you cannot have matured overnight. Keep the mugs until you have actually grown up.

  • @thecaptain you're right, after analyzing a lot of the relationship i have a lot of answers and questions but my thoughts are still clouded no matter how much I want to feel like they're not, i need to completely stop thinking about it all and focus on myself

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