Maybe someone could explain this...

  • lf245706~~At least on my end I can say that I was upfront but definitely not clingy cuz that's not my style

    Sandran>>I think us Cancer's get clingy is because we stay in too long.We meet up with someone and afraid to let them go.They will run and never come back.I dated a Saggitarius 5 years ago..We dated before and we have really good chemistry.I've known him for years.I let my guard down and told him I loved him.He had been married a few times.But, I never seen him while he was married.Anyways..I put my arms around him and didn't want to let him go.I told him I am afraid to let him go he will never come back.And I was right because he hasn't..5 years later and we don't even talk anymore.I couldn't handle his secretiveness.Wondering which woman he was out with.So..I stopped seeing him.My nerves were all tied up.If a guy would just show their face once in awhile we might not get so paranoid.Men are pigs and they have to show it every chance they get...Another bedpost notch to fill so to speak..

  • hey sandran! i'm on my way off here but i wanted to say thanks for the detailed responses to my questions. i still think some of these qualities about cancers are a little complicated, but you did help to shed light on a few things...if i have any other q's im coming for you lol.i will say that it seems you're definitely right on with the cancers being too clingy thing. this guy has been with his "ex" for a loong time (like 8 yrs), and he's told me about those supposedly bad things she's done/qualities she has, and yet he seems afraid to leave her. i understand they have kids like we've discussed before, but i sense he fears change and would rather be comfortable then experience someone completely different (like myself!). his "ex" is a sag, too...i've heard the two don't mesh well, so your experience w/one doesn't surprise me!

  • IF>>>i still think some of these qualities about cancers are a little complicated,

    Sandran712>>They are alot! complicated.I had hanswolfgang do a reading for me.And just as I thought.Told me what I already knew..I will never meet anyone.While everyone is crying over someone that they can't keep a relationship.How about that you will never have one.I'm the one who should be crying...LOL

  • sometimes when you turn your back on things they turn about, i would suggest that if you want to wait around a bit longer, let him come to you, its hard but how long can u wait, otherwise just keep on going with your life and who knows the right one may come along and sweep you right of your feet, and he may not be attached with children,relationships that have jealous exs in and children are not a veryy good sign to me, she sounds jealous and controlling and maybe using the children against him, frankly i would get out of their, but i am not you, you do whats best for yourself in the long run and focus on making your life a happy and pleasurable experience, love can be blind and sometimes we need to be hit over the head with a brick before we back of or see the full picture, trust your gut feeling. hope this helps and the best of goodluck to you

  • @Sandran...I saw that reading...I can imagine how hurtful it must be to hear something like that, but I believe you have the power to meet someone. I'm not sure how readings work...Hans has done a few for me and I'm very greatful for them...but honestly, I'm not always sure how I should take them. I can't believe that word for word everything he says is going to "come true" so to speak, but I believe he definitely has a sense about him that allows him to read and vibe off of situations. He's been right about my situation, I think...he told me that I would never be with this guy that I feel so strongly about. That sucks to hear! But I don't know if that's a given, we'll see. For now I guess I'm just taking his and others advice, but I'm trying to maintain my own thoughts and feelings as well. The trouble when you ask too many opinions is that you sometimes lose your own! But anyway, I know Hans said you wouldn't find someone, but I also believe in the law of attraction...If you will someone into your life, I think it'll happen. You seem like a female deserving a good relationship like the rest of us!

    @dotthorey..thanks for your reply! i know this situation sounds so messy and i quesiton why i try myself. people keep telling me that i don't want to let go and i want people to tell me things that i want to hear, but i really dont think thats true. i pray every now and then for the strength to let go and move on...and when i finally think im able to, i lose that strength and think about the situation yet again. all i can say is i'm trying. i'm a practical woman so i'm not delusional by any means...i know that i don't have him in my life in the way that i want him and there's a great chance that i won't. but i can't deny my feelings'll see i guess. the moment i don't give a d a m n about him i'll be in here rejoicing on the threads, believe me! and i agree, love is so, so blind!

  • yes it comes sneaking in the back door, it is a process that you are going thru, you are very vulnerable right now, you will let go when you are ready to let go, that is up to you, no set of words can make you let go, i have done the same thing myself when relationships have broken up and it really does hurt, their is no doubt about that,dont be in a hurry to get over it, you will get thru it, its that leap of faith in ourselves that gives us the strenght to get from one point to another,have faith in prayer much more, pass it over to god and trust that he has heard you prayer as he really has, its like handing someone a bag of lollies and saying iwant you to have this as they arnt any good for me, but if you dont let go of the bag of lollies how can the person who can eat them have them, it takes great faith to let go and trust in god or the universe to deal with what you want them to do,watch your words also on how you hand it over and afterwards, i would beleive that their is nothing that god and yourself cannot handle today together and really feel that you are protected and safe,god has heard your prayer just let him deal withit now, goodluck and many blessings to you, beleive that something good will come out of this and it will,success comes from really feeling that you are getting to the end of this, or whatever you want, feel, and trust and allow the process step back

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