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  • Hi,
    I want to share this for reading purpose, I got marriage proposals from these two person one after other, but I don't know why I never feel attraction in them, mostly I follow my intuition and inner voice for making decisions regarding marriage proposals. Anyway I rejected both of them. I just want to know their personalities according to your knowledge.
    Person 1:
    Name: R
    DOB: 02 Feb 1986.

    Person 2:
    Name: S
    DOB: 16 June 1980.

    I rejected both after a long period of time of judgement, one important thing when I received their proposals, I never feel good or comfortable inside. I need guidance. Thanks πŸ’•πŸ’–

  • R can be very guarded, difficult to get through his emotional shielding. May come across as not very compassionate or even aloof. Trust and intimacy can be problematic here and he can have trouble accepting other people's flaws and imperfections.. Doesn't like anyone imposing their rules and regulations on him, likes to feel free, so may tend to keep close emotional relationships at arm’s length. But if you do get under his shield, you will find a romantic at heart, looking not just for love but a grand celestial perfect affair where the sun and moon move when he is with this person. Bit unrealistic, though!

    S can be suspicious and cautious of everyone and everything. Can be indecisive, inflexible and anxious also. Still, he does have a vivid imagination, originality and innovative inclinations. Likes to talk but can have a tendency to swing between being demonstrative and detached; this can drive a partner crazy because they never know where they are with S. He needs to feel free and independent, even in a close relationship..

    These guys seem similar in many ways - they can appear detached and they like their freedom. Maybe you are looking for more warmth and passion?

  • @sara
    two marriage proposals
    you are one ….. mama.

  • @thecaptain You are absolutely right, these are my relatives, I got proposal from S in 2014, and I didn't feel any happiness in my heart, and then I received proposal from R in 2016 again I felt too much burden on my shoulders. So I rejected one by one. On that time I don't have enough knowledge about astrology, psychic readings etc so I thought that it is good to get confirmation from experts πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’–. Now I am okay that I took right decision. Yes I am looking for warmth and passion one. Thanks πŸ™

  • @sara i would go with your instincts. If your not feeling right about the marriage proposals, then your gut is telling you not to do it. Is there anyone else your interested in?

  • @tuliplilly right now there is no one...

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