Doreen Virtue/s conversion to Christianity

  • Recently I was shocked to learn that one of my role models and all-time mentors in spirituality had converted to a conservative Biblical version of religion. She of the wonderful angel guidance books now says negative things about the Ascended Masters and her other books and the tarot decks she created that helped so many people like me. I had to wonder if her new marriage was partly to blame, but she put it down to a vision of Jesus she had one day in church. Yet to me, spirituality is not incompatible with believing in God and Jesus. To me, spirituality is a distinctly personal journey and I don't need the words of men that passes in the Bible as God's word to tell me what I should believe. Women for example are considered very inferior and basically just fallen women or child bearers in the Bible. And Mary's gospel was expunged from it. And despite Jesus being a poor man, the churches are some of the most wealthy organizations in the world - why do they spend more on gold statues and church spires than on the poor?

    The problem that many people have had with this in relation to a message that she sent out (in both video and audio format) that was quickly removed from the internet…. Basically put, from what I understand, she said that some of her followers had “demonic, dark” energy around them as did some of her former work, including the Archangels and Ascended Masters book and the Ascended Masters deck. She actually advised people to burn their copies of these books and the decks associated with them. This seems like a very archaic belief system and not in line with the New Age philosophy which is accepting of all faiths..

    The one big thing that convinces me Doreen has strayed from the right path is the difference in "Before" and After" photos of her. In recent photos. she looks confused and uncertain. In earlier photos, she looked serene and calm. Before the conversion, she let her hair go grey naturally, espoused a vegan diet and even put a lot of profit from her books into the animal rescue ranch etc. Now she is selling things on eBay, admonishing a former husband (she has five exs) for sueing her for spousal support, moved all the rescue animals off her ranch, and she denounces mediumship and denigrates the classes she taught and the people who have loved and supported her past work. It's strange also that she has changed/dyed her hair colour to brown from its natural grey. People have said that in her new Christian-espousing videos she 'is acting very “spacey,” and doesn’t appear to be grounded'.

    Has Doreen lost her way do you think - fallen prey to materialism - there has been a lot of dark energy trying to pull individuals from the light for some years?

  • @thecaptain
    Personally, I always had an uneasy feeling about her. She was too saccharin and I felt pandering to people. New deck after new deck after new deck with barely any time in-between smacked of greed. I thought she dyed her hair blonde and then went back to her natural color! She's probably selling things on eBay now because she no longer has a stream of income. The comments about "dark, demonic" energy comes from Christianity. This is a lesson for people not to place their teachers on pedestals and think of them as gurus. We are all human.

  • It's odd though that she would change from beliefs that made her happy to ones that make her angry and aggressive. How does someone go so badly backwards like that?

  • @thecaptain
    I only watched one of her videos since she renounced spirituality in favor of Christianity. In that video she did not seem angry or aggressive. She did have a heaviness about her though, which honestly could be from all the anger she is receiving from her switch and the reference to dark demonic energy. She did not say that in anger - that is the old school Bible belief which she has now adopted. Oddly, she does appear more grounded now - she never did before (to me anyway). I do believe the latest husband (Michael) had a lot to do with her switch. To each his own!

  • @watergirl18 so it seems she is still being influenced by other people instead of going her own way? Methinks she will be in for a sharp learning curve of experiences.

  • @thecaptain maybe its not her new belief system thats making her angry. Maybe she is being negatively influenced from her husband. Maybe the vision she had is different from the belief her husband has? Maybe shes confused about that? Im just guessing. Because if she saw a vision of Jesus thats an all loving experience. Jesus doesnt preach hate he preaches loving one another and being open minded. So thats why i say maybe she is confused. At least thats my take on Christianity. But i am not a typical christiain.. I am more open minded and i dont judge others for their views on things..
    Maybe her husband asked her to renounce her old beliefs. Which im not saying is the right things to do. Do you have a link so i can she her videos? Is she on you tube?

  • @tuliplilly yes there are plenty of Doreen Virtue videos on you tube about her conversion.

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