Can someone help me interpret my reading? Many thanks!

  • Hello all,

    I have done a reading for myself and I am not sure what to make of it. I used the celtic cross spread.

    Card 1: Strength
    Card2: 9 of coins
    Card 3:Devil
    Card 4: 6 of cups (reversed)
    Card 5: 4 of wands (reversed)
    Card 6: 3 of coins
    Card 7: Queen of wands
    Card 8: 9 of wands (reversed)
    Card 9: King of cups
    Card 10: Lovers

    clarifier for the outcome: 8 of coins

    Here's my info: I began a sugardaddy relationship with this man a month ago, when I first met him, I told him that I want an arrangement because I need help to pay for my degree, and he told me that he wants to do this because he separated with his wife 6 months ago and his previous sugar baby had to leave town. I made it clear that I would not be involved with a married man, i.e. a man that is still with his wife and they stay together etc. I think people who are separated are not together, even when the divorce isn't finalized. We started this arrangement, met up for 5, 6 times, we've been getting along very well and we like each other's personalities and the sex is amazing.

    One month in, he started telling me "though it is early days, but he feels that if we met elsewhere/off that site, we could be a great couple." I said I think so too. Anyway, didn't give it too many thoughts. And again, some days later, we shared more personal info with each other, he confessed that he isn't divorced, he did end things with his wife and they haven't lived together for 6 months (which i know is true, because I 've been to his place many times). He actually started an arranagment with his previous sugar baby when he still lived with his wife, he asked to end things with his wife when he caught feelings for the sugarbaby but that sugarbaby didn't return his feelings. Anyway, at the end, he said he would understand it if I don't want to see him again, given that he is actually still married and he still doesn't know what to do with his home situation, that he and his wife have drifted apart but are still friendly and warm towards each other.

    I do like him and I get along well with him, I feel comfortable being around him. I don't actually know why he brought up the issue that "if we met elsewhere, we could date normally" as I think it is still very early days and I am not sure I would want to develop a proper relationship out of a sugar relationship.

    When I did the reading, I asked myself how will the relationship I have with X turn out. Please help me interpret my reading, thanks a lot!

    (I know my choice to be a sugarbaby might offend some people but please understand that everyone lives differently, and I sincerely thank everyone for helping me out here.)

  • @lucylikestoread
    As outcome the final card (Lovers) clarified by 8 of Coins clearly shows that this relationship will last only as far as long as your studies do.
    It's pretty clear by the cards in the entire spread that this situation has, from your point of view, purely materialistic motives.
    The first two cards (Strength + 9 of Coins) suggest you want to feel in control of the situation as it's been clearly communicated that this is for financial security and you are comfortable with that.
    The 'wild card' seems to be the 4 of Wands reversed. Is it his marital situation or his suggestion of meeting somewhere other than his home that makes you feel uncertain or distrustful of the arrangement, almost as though there is something he is hiding from you..

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