Are the cards telling me that he is cheating?

  • So I asked why my man was being so short with me, and it had never even crossed my mind that he could be cheating or there could’ve been another woman involved. But then I drew the Empress card, the seven of cups, and the queen of pentacles. At first, I couldn’t make any sense of this. But then something clicked.. and I began to think that maybe he has the choice to make between me and another woman? In previous readings, I have drawn the empress card for myself as how he feels/sees me. I’m so surprised to see this - I trust him and would be shocked if this was true! Is there any other possible way of interpreting this?

    I also want to add that I then asked if I could have another insight into his love life as I wanted to learn more - and I drew the fool, the lovers and the seven of swords. Which doesn’t seem like good news does it? It seems that not all is as it seemed to me and there is something sneaky going on behind my back. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated. The cards have really surprised me!

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