• I love the advice of olive branch. I was interested to hear about your experience with smoking. Wow, that's amazing to give up smoking after 20 years. It's good to hear people trying out alternative therapies and things working out. I'm looking towards hypnotherapy but that's another story and not to do with smoking. I had to chuckle about the ex being really upset that you'd quit! When we meet with a downturn in life it often makes us stronger. He was probably very suprised at your strength and willpower. So, well done Olive branch you sound like you are doing very well. To take control is empowerment. To exercise and take care of ourselves to be as strong and healthy as possible to deal with strife is fantastic advice! I've just been on the treadmill myself and I'm trying to eat healthily. Loved the chicken stuffed with philidelphia, wrapped in parma ham which is in an advert on tv! It was fab last night, I went for the full fat version but a bit of what you fancy does you good. Well done!!!

  • Hey Cris,

    I'm sorry to hear about ur situation, umm something i picked up about the relationship side of your life is a male with short dark hair, dark eyes, fair skin, perhaps around his early to mid 40's, very sophisticated and mature, he has this certain way of looking at you with a gorgeous yet playfully cheeky smile on his face that can melt you like butter? is he business oriented as i see him in suits? can be fiery wen provoked yet very mature minded and can tackle a lot of things.. i see him in a leadership role or atleast a decision making role.. i have a feeling that you may hold back from this relationship because you wont feel ready or it being right.. as i think you intuitively know that someone or something else is out there.. perhaps a coppery, reddish auburn haired man.. quite tall and has a funny, well of optimism personality about him.. this man will make you laugh and you will feel very comfortable around him..

    and off on a completely different note.. i see you with a book.. i cant say what it means.. but it may be related to a library? and also have you been feeling unwell? headaches and sometimes sick to your guts? i feel you need to de-stress and not let these situations take affect on your body like this.. perhaps reading may help?

    I hope i've touched base on one thing at least and i hope this helps 😃



  • Hi Cris,

    Sorry to say I don't have your sight abilities but have a terrific intuition, ability to heal & feel you have chosen the right path . Not to say it won't be challenging but many of us on this site have traveled the road of hard knocks & come out as better, stronger women. we're an amazing group of supporters & will help you every step of the way. You are receiving many helpful insights & ideas, chose what feels right for you, take a deep breath & step out on your new path in this amazing journey of life- all will be as its intended to be.

    Sending you love, laughter & inner peace,


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