• Hi all

    Firstly, I want to apologise to all those who have asked me to do a reading for them recently. I am having a few difficulties of my own at the moment and can't get to them for the simple reason I'm really exhausted! I'm so sorry for this, but don't want to slap out replies to people that aren't right just to get them out of the way, so I hope you can all appreciate that.

    Considering where my own situation has gone lately, I'm feeling very worried about my own future. My marriage is going to end, but I'm not in a great position with regards to where I can go and how to properly support myself. I applied for a job not long back, but haven't heard about it either which is very frustrating.

    Can anyone see what's coming up for me? Like, what sort of place will I end up in and how I'll be supporting myself? I have a fifteen year old daughter too, who we'll be sharing 50/50 custody of.

    Guess too, I'd like to know if anyone can see if there is anyone else out there for me, or will I be alone for a long time? Don't mind being so for a time, but don't want to spend the rest of my life that way!

    Don't worry about being careful what you say either; I've seen it all! But don't be outright mean either!!

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have 🙂

  • Cris, I am really sorry that I can't help you during this difficult time. I don't have the skills or knowledge you possess.

    The one thing I can say however is...from the short space of time I have been on this site I can tell your are an amazingly giving person and obviously very caring. With these qualities in life I am sure you will need no help in finding hapiness.

    I really hope somebody is along to help you soon. In the meantime if you ever just wanna vent or spill I can be good ears.

    Take care of yourself.xx

  • Thanks airgirl,

    I hate not getting to reading requests, but lately I almost dread looking at the Forum pages!! This'll pass like everything does, so hopefully will be back on track soon. And I greatly appreciate your offer of an ear; God knows we can all do with that at the moment. I was talking to a lady whose marriage ended earlier this year and I said to her I felt like I was joining the queue as there are problems everywhere, even in my little town. I think this is the universe at work really'; moving us out of situations which don't serve us and putting us where we should be, but gee, wish it didn't have ta be so scary!!

    So again, thanks for your concern and your ear-ful offer. I may just take you up on it. And your own difficulties will ease soon too ... I see an enlightening sort of event coming up and you will definitely know which way to go, plus help will be at hand from a quarter you didn't expect.

    Hmmm, just gave you a mini reading didn't I ... hmmm ... talk about contrary :))

  • Lol, a mini reading I love it!!

    Strange things are happening this year, that is something i have Definatly noticed, it seems whoever i talk to or wherever i turn people are facing problems. Marriages breaking up all over the place here....even from people you least expect.

    Moving on is scary, jeez i know how hard it is from short ish relationships, i can't begin to comprehend how it must be for longer, and esp marriages...but it is so true that everything happens for a reason. I hate people telling me that, because i know it's true but when your hurting it's like a slap in the face.

    However I never lose faith, and neither should you. I do believe in the universe moving things in the right direction. And i believe we need to be still at times and really listen to our instincts. Hard to do in a world full of buzzing technology....but i really think deep down (and i know you have said before you can't read for yourself), and even tho i claim to have zero psycic ability, but i do really believe we can all read for ourselves if we were just quiet enough and trusting enough in our thoughts.

    I believe too many people, myself included dismiss thoughts or ideas instead of holding on to them and understanding them. I know my biggest issue with myself is seperating instinct from paranoia. If you can ever explain that art to me i would be forever in your debt lol.

    Don't worry about reading for people, i'm sure everyone understands. Your just you, your not here to serve all of need to care for yourself too and make sure your in the right place, you shouldn't be fearful of coming on have been there for enough people that no guilty thoughts should enter your head!

    I took my guy back tonight, I think it was the right move so am feeling generally happier, but life is full of twists and turns and we can never be too sure of the outcome. Ironic really because i do believe KNOWING helps but ultimately we will all do what we want to do anyway, regardless of who tells us what. I think that is human/emotional instinct.

    Still, i would rather regret doing something than not doing something.......which is why I would alsways advise people, and you to always follow your heart and not your head.

    If it feels right inside, then chances are it probably is.

    I really hope you feel better soon.......sorry for the long ol chat, went off on one there lol.xxxx

  • Don't worry about long ole chats ... I'm guilty of them myself! I just know that my marriage must end, but don't know if I'll eventually be with the man I've been dreaming of and been casual friends with, so have to wait and see. I don't think I'll be running from my marriage to him, but wonder if there's anything down the track for us considering I've been dreaming of him for just over 7 years now. Ah well.

    You did the right thing taking your guy back, although if you'd asked my advice about this earlier I would've suggested waiting until early next year as I think things are still very chaotic for us all and that could make new stuff more difficult/challenging than it has to be. BUT sometimes we just have to do things at the time we do them. So if you're having a few teething problems with being back together with him now, just ride them out and you should be a lot more settled next year and don't panic.

    Paranoia? Hah, there's a fine line between apprehension and paranoia if you ask me! If a person hears voices constantly and just as constantly thinks the world and the people in it are out to get them and and lets those feelings take over, then I believe we have a paranoid person. An apprehensive person on the other hand, will hear that still small voice and choose to ignore it, then think things are stacked against them, but will eventually try and extricate themselves from under the rubble, not take it too personally, and get back on track. I honestly feel that's the difference between the two. It's all subjective on the person's reaction/behaviour and often their brain's chemical make-up is a contributing factor.

    Hope that clears things up for you, but remember the above is my opinion and not necessarily scientifically proven or globally correct! And if you ever get worried you are paranoid, chances are very likely you are far from it :)) Thanks again!!

  • Just adding on to that: I've used "apprehension" as agianst paranoia as instinct is really simply that: instinct. Instinct will always put you in an apprehensive/aware place as your senses will be highly tuned. Paranoia on the other hand will dull them and you will be a slave to those voices which tell you to do things you wouldn't otherwise think of doing. A way to compare if you are paranoid or just plain being instinctive/apprehensive? Do your instincts tell you to go and hurt or kill people because they're unclean or evil? Do you ever look at friends or loved ones or even strangers in the street and think they're plotting against you and/or they've secretly got a knife hidden behind their backs which will soon end up in yours ...literally? Think that might be a way to sort that out; see what you think :))

    Instinct will always tell you to do what is best for you and what is more in line with who you really are. I believe that paranoia will tell you what to do that goes against your basic nature. How's that?

  • My marriage recently ended after being together for almost 29 years and my whole adult life. It was hard in the end to realize that someone can change just like that and that suddenly you find yourself alone, no job and a whole new life and in many cases give up a lot just to not have the battle and try to move on. Unfortunately, I can not say that it will get any easier but you must have hope that if the relationship is not working for you the sooner you move on the better. Life can be short and we all deserve to not only give love but to be loved back. You sound like such a giving person and that you deserve to be happy or at least a chance at it. One thing you can do is to start making sure you take care of yourself. I make sure that I exercise, eat healthy and take care of myself and it is not always easy but one way to start to try to move on and survive is to start taking care of yourself. It seems like you are on the right path by taking some time off from your readings. We all would like a reading, myself included but you must put yourself first so that you can tackle your new life. You are not alone and all of it is pretty scary. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks olivebranch,

    Apart from still smoking, I am looking after myself in other ways. Have been exercising like a demon and trying to eat well and get enough rest, but that's not always easy considering current circumstances. Yes, it will be hard; I know that. But I have to keep reminding myself that I am doing the right thing for probably the first real time in my life. Funny, I asked my 15 year old daughter last night to honestly answer me this question (she knows what's happening by the way). "Do you think I'm doing the right thing?" Her answer? "Yep. YOu can't live a lie". So right.

    So thanks olive, your comments are appreciated. Of course, I'd just love someone to do a reading for me so I've got some idea what MAY happen down the track, while keeping in mind that things are not always carved in stone :))

  • Hi Cris,

    I've done a tarot reading for you.

    7 of Wands...courage

    Blank Card

    6 of Wands reversed...victory

    Father of Cups ...fatherhood

    I've interpreted these cards to mean the following...

    Courage was required to make the decision you did, and will be required to get through this.

    I'm taking the blank card to mean that you are the author of your own life and are taking this opportunity to write your own story. Six of Wand reversed points to you being fearful and having self doubts. This can also mean having to wait for a reward. Now there is a man in your near future but it doesn't seem like the one you have described previously. This is a dominate male, probably older. He's responsible and intellectual. He has an intense angry side, but would walk through fire for someone he loves. He's a sensual lover and is idealistic.

    I hope this helps some. I look forward to the reading from you, whenever you feel up to it. There is no need to rush. You take care of yourself. Let me know if there's anything else I can do.

  • Hi Cris,

    I am sorry to hear of what is happening with you at this time. I am going exactly through the same thing you are. If you would ever like to chat, let me know. Maybe we can give each other some help , support & ideas!


  • manifest,

    I do appreciate what you have done for me here. And even though you feel you haven't described the one I've been talking about, you actually have! He does have a fiery temper, and would walk through coals for who he loves even to the point of self sacrifice which I sure hope he corrects in time as I wouldn't want him laying himself out for my sake. He's also responsible and intellectual as well. The dominant part and being older ... well I take that to apply to the fact that he does like to be the boss of his life (while I get the feeling he's happy to be an equal in relationships), and even though he's younger than me in age, I feel that he's definitely the older soul out of the two of us considering how he talks to me in dreams when I have them. From what's been shown to me in these dreams, he is a very sensual guy and from talking to him in reality, is idealistic like I am (at times). So believe it or not, you have described this man down to a "T" ... which is the first letter of his name 🙂 Thanks for that :)))) At the moment, I guess I just need to take each day as it comes and have a few people I can write/chat to about this so I don't burn out the odd one or two!! So I hugely appreciate your offer of help here.


    Well, why not chat away? Haven't got too many people I can talk to face to face here at the moment as our situation is going to end up very well known by people soon and I need to pick who I share my inner most feelings with, as you'd appreciate.

    So fire away. We can swap email addresses too if you'd like, so let me know about that. I hope things are going okay for you my friend. It's a long road isn't it? The decision making part is the worst I think, particularly if one keeps thinking about what can go wrong, if they're doing the right thing, losing sight of WHY it is necessary to end something and all of that stuff. But necessary it is as scared as I feel right now.

    Thanks both of you for your concern and generosity of spirit. I'll get to your reading manifest as soon as I can. The old head is spinning around a bit at the moment due to the latest developments in my life, so hopefully I'll get a grip soon.

    Keep talkin' ... and THANK YOU :)))

  • cris1962 is there a new age store near you that you could do what you seem to do best. If they don't pay a large enough wage for full time you might work out a percentage on top of a set wage for each reading you do. Or work for them part-time. I am sorry that your life is upside down but everything happens for a reason as we all know. And it will get better. Your a strong cancer and you know how to rob peter to pay paul. It will be tight for a while but your creative and you will be fine. You may be able to get support even tho you will share custody of your daughter. Especially if you have physical shared custody. I don't know where your at so don't know the laws there. I wish I was picking up something but I' m not on this one. Peace and harmony to you and yours. Take your time because you need to help yourself in order to help others.

  • Chris,

    I do not possess your gift (or if I do, have not yet crafted it) so I can offer no words from any divine place other than experience.

    My marriage ended about 5 years ago and I was the one that ultimately made the choice. I have two beautiful children and we share 50/50 custody also. In the beginning, it was very difficult. Having married young and going straight from my parents' home to my husband's, I'd never really been alone before.

    You will have difficult moments, but from them will come great beauty. You will gain confidence and pride in yourself like never before as it takes a good deal of courage and faith to put yourself (and your child, obviously) first. It is not the easiest path, but rarely are the best ones and they are always the one we learn from the most. I have no doubt such will be the case for you.

    Let yourself cry, feel angry and scared and just be authentic with yourself. Saying 'no' to people is always hard and it shows great strength that you were able to do that right now. There is no one on here that won't respect you for it.

    There is nothing that can be said to take away the pain you are feeling right now, but take comfort in knowing that good things will come from this. As someone wise said to me as I was going through it, "Short term hell, long term gain." While I am alone myself still, and desperately hope to find long lasting enduring love myself, I can say that the time I've had has been blessed and beautiful in its own right. So too will yours. Stay in the present and have faith that your tomorrows will be better. 🙂

    Love and light to you,


  • I am new to this site and I have read many of your replies to others. You are an amazing women and you have a lot to give to others. I am sorry to hear that things are not good at the moment. If I may, the work that you give on this site and the many friends that you have will get you through this tuff time. I have a saying - If God brings you to it , he will bring you through it. I was married for 20 years and went through a divorce 5 years ago. My x was in an accident and had a very bad head injury. When he went to rehab. he told me he didn't love me anymore and wanted to go and live with his parents in another state. I believe that the man I married died in the accident that night and I do not know the man that came back. I went to counselling to help me through everything. It wasn't until this past year that I decided that Iwould like to have a man in my life and fall in love again. Hopefully he will come along soon. The important thing is to take care of yourself be strong and don't be afraid to ask others for help. You are a stong amazing women and do continue to do the work that you do for others as it will help you through the hard times.

    Light and Love

  • Hi Chris, I think you and your husband will stay connected as far as communication. I think there will be times when you'll want to distance yourself completely from him. In the long run, I think you all will reunite. There will be spells where you don't talk. I think your husband will be the one to offer the olive branch, so to speak. He will release you long enoughbut will be there. I see him as being somewhat far-off emotionally but that can change. I see a reunion. I don't like predicting but couldn't help putting my 2 cents in--you know!

  • Cris, I dont think you need to be sorry for not helping everyone. I myself think people should learn to trust that everything will be allright whatever challenge they are having. I will not stay for long in this forum, because I am so tired of seeing that people dont believe that God can help. People must learn to trust God. And God can not help if we dont. Since we are lords, we are masters, we are gods. And only by giving all to God we can find our true selves and our true lives. God is allmighty, also mighty enough to heal everybody who believes and surrenders their thoughts and plans and minds and feelings and bodies and everything, even their husbands and boyfriends and children and parents to God. So if you continue to do what you are doing, you will receive a better life than you have had. You have allready experienced the beginning. You have felt more at peace during this process. And that is what we are all hoping for ourselves.

  • Hi Cris, I can't read the future, but will keep you in my prayers. Thanks for being there for all of us. Hope there will be positive things to come out of this test for you. Strength and love x

  • Hi Cris

    So sorry to hear about your troubles. You sound a really friendly, lovely person. We attract good things in the Universe by what we give out. I'm sure that what's for you, won't go by you. It will all come good in the end I'm sure and I'm hoping that I'm sending out some good, happy vibes to you!! Take care of yourself as you are doing, exercising, eating well. Sounds like you're doing a good job already xx

  • Namaste Chris. One of the things that stood out from your post is your fear of the future. When we feel this particular fear, often it can mean that we are having difficulty making critical decisions in our lives. This is not to say you are "avoiding" making decisions, but a suggestion to look within to see what pain may be preventing you from seeing opportunity.

    Know at the outset of this reading that I divorced my first husband in 1990, when I was 23ish, moved to a big city , spending the last of my available dollars on a rental truck, and ultimately found the keys to my own healing. I know in my heart it will not take you as long to make even greater progress than I did at that time, and far more quickly.

    So, I am guided to offer you the following messages:

    Your intuition is highly developed, yet at the same time there is a need for you to get in touch with your personal power. Even as you read this, you are shedding the layers that have been preventing your from seeing your own magnificent brand of power. This is a journey of the emotional, physical, and spiritual realms, and you are being guided to take this journey within in search of inherent wisdom.

    When you honor the accumulated wealth of a lifetime of experience - known to you now as knowledge - you will be able to make a great shift from the mundane aspects of your 3D life into one of unlimited Universal potential. You are not your burdens, but the divine and glowing core within that only requires those layers to be peeled away to be activated fully. This combines the gifts of illumination, innocence and passion, introspection, and maturity and judgment.

    You are beginning a journey of great power, and the last thing the Universe holds dear for you is any kind of fear.

    Within each of us, we know where our power lies, and as long as we begin the search for it, we will find it and great rewards on all levels. Perhaps right now you feel as the lamb tied to the post, when in reality you are the lion approaching it!

    You've begun making the steps toward your desired future; know that when you continue, any forward movement is nurturing growth, and that growth leads to enrichment.

    To see for yourself what you have to offer the practical world, get a fresh sheet of paper and write down every experience you have had in life that taught you something. Everything you have suffered; everything you didn't desire that came to you; every loss.

    Flip the sheet over, and write down what each experience gave you; when you do this you will see a much clearer picture of your gifts, wisdom, and knowledge, that you can then formulate into something you'd like to give to the 3D world.

    Your job, your new home will require you to move. Congratulations! Ultimately you're going to love the freedom this affords you. Right now you may not be able to see it, but that joy of freedom is going to propel you upwards into the next phase of your life in joyous ways you cannot see yet.

    Make the connection inside your self to that freedom, and to the power that you ARE; things are about to get a whole lot better!

    In love and light love and light love and light


  • It is good that you are exercising and taking care of yourself because you will need to be as strong and healthy as possible to deal with everything. Interesting you mentioned about the smoking. After I found out about my husbands betrayal and was down to a dangerously low weight due to the stress i decided to quit smoking after 20 years. In the process of my trying to pick myself up I went for acupuncture and decided I would try it to beat my smoking addiction. I also did not go in with any expectations as far as the outcome, just an open mind. There is a treatment that they have on the ear. Not everyone responds in the first treatment so I think I was very lucky. It has been over 1.5 years since then and I have never smoked again. I am very happy I was able to do that one thing for myself. If you wanted to quit smoking acupuncture may work for you. Of course you have to be the one to decide if any of it will work for you. It is the one good thing that came out of the last year and a half for me. The ex was really upset that I quit since when he quit 10 years ago and I did not and then quit during the divorce got to him so that was a bonus!

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