I need an accurate answer

  • Hello to all! I’m in dire need of some help. I’ve been paranoid about my past resurfacing. Years ago I asked a Psychic with insanely accurate reviews and early this year I even asked True Born Holy Priestess with the same insanely accurate reviews and the answer has always been in my favor... I foolishly didn’t learn from my first or second lesson. Which is why I had to ask early this year. Anyways, I haven’t repeated my actions since and don’t plan to. I’m here because yesterday I was reminded about my past and even though I had a feeling NOT to ask this question I decided to use my Tarot App which has been accurate so far at least I thought. The answer was opposite from what I’m use to. I tried asking in other ways and I would get different answer. I decided for pray and ask for a sign. A certain object means Yes another means No. This has worked in the past but now I’m seeing both objections or I see an object only because I purposefully look for it instead of letting it come to me naturally. It makes it hard for me to see if things are truly in my favor or not. I need to know if my past is going to resurface or not. How can I get an accurate answer? As of right now I’m waiting for an answer using the object method but the first “answer” I received I had the thought in my mind, the fear that it wouldn’t go my way, and I squinted to find it once I saw something that looked similar to the object I was trying to identify. The Psychic and Holy Priestess said one thing, the tarot says another, and my signs are showing me both or they are not coming in naturally. I’m purposely finding them. Help!

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