Help interpreting a tarot spread please

  • Hi
    The other day I paid an amount to a tarot reader for doing a reading for me. First I was telling her about my situation before the reading and she gave me her opinion about my boyfriend being a scammer and that she already knows what will show up in the reading. And then she did the reading many cards showed up and she interpreted the spread in a very negative way saying very negative things and reminding me every now and then that she knew it before even making the reading. Full of pride that her opinion is on spot. It was a video reading so I picked on some cards. Can you please help me by an idea of what it could be please
    The personality: page of swords
    What he hides : judgement and 4 of swords
    How he sees me as : queen of tentacles and 4 of pentacles
    My personality :high priestess
    His future actions: knight of wands and page of cups
    His thinking : temperance and 2 of wands.
    So I picked on these
    Don't know which placement but there were the following cards: moon
    His feelings : page of pentacles and 7 of wands
    Outcome: king of swords and justice
    Advice : death and 4 of wands.

    I felt her reading was biased because she was saying she knew the answer. I could not depend on her
    Can someone interpret 🙏

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