Help again with interpretation.

  • I asked what this guy thought of me and this is what popped up:

    according to my tarot, this if is what he thinks of me: The world, The temperance, The Empress. I decided to clarify the Empress and got the 8 of cups.Could you help me interpret this? I usually get the world and temperance or strength when I ask.

    I used the haunted house tarot

  • @hannahtarot

    The World - speaks of a new cycle, leaving behind the old .ready to walk into new, over new thresholds..... saying farewell, goodbye ....

    temperance, moderation brings transformation on some level

    The Empress speaks of fertility, bounty and abundance but can also speak of being mothering to others, maybe he sees you as in a mothering figure on some level .... do you find yourself fussing over him in some way?

    8 of cups asks us to walk away, leave behind, walk into the unknown maybe with a heavy heart, feeling sorrow on some level .....

    hope this gives some clarity to the reading ....

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