Just some fun I challenge you to say what my Christmas period will be like.

  • OK 5 months ago I have so much fun laughter and felt so uplifted reading what was written that I have decided to try another challenge.
    Anyone can join in and ask for they own challenge.
    This is a challenge for everyone
    It is just some fun and not to be taken serious.
    In three months time on the over the Christmas period in 2019 what do you think my life will be like.?
    The only information I will provide will be my date of birth 18/01/58 and that economic activities is not relevant.
    Good luck
    I will update you with what happened or is happening.

  • @jayann

    1.December will be your lucky month.

    2.Keep 2 round copper coins in a square yellow cloth all the time with you.

    3.You may have a spiritual outlook towards life.

    4.You will enjoy sound health.

  • @anon-undertaker-0
    Thank you.
    update was in a shop and was invited to add my details to a lucky dip for some chocolate and champagne. Not interested but thought some of my friends might be interested. To cheer up the lady I ended up telling her If I won I would be spend time being a passive cougar with some young men. some groping. etc She could not stop laugh.

  • @jayann YWC dear❤

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