Virgo man curious about Cancer woman

  • Ok, I have never done this before but reading about so many relationship questions about Cancers, I wanted to know if anyone could help me figure things out. I met this girl about six months ago, we were good friends, we laughed, joked, etc... We started hanging out and then one thing led to another. We have now been dating for 6 weeks. Since we were friends first everything moved very quickly. We've exchanged "I love you" really quickly, Initiated by her. I fell hard and quick. Everything changed soon afterwards. She is very passionate, meaning that everything is all about love or all about climbing into her shell. I've read about Cancers so I understood what I was getting into, wow is everything true! I'm at my wits end though, this past weekend we went to a friends engagement party, everything was going great considering this was a female friend of mine, 13 years, that my girlfriend was meeting for the first time. Well everything was going great, earlier in the night we were discussing our future and what we both need and expect from one another. Well the guys and girls seperated, when we got back together, everything was great again until this guy flipped his stuff and my girlfriend stuck up for me. Being a strong woman that she is, I tried to leave the situation because it would have escalated into a physical fight with me and him. She took a verbal lashing from this guy and all I did was try to get her out. Outside she was crying, I held her as well as thanked her, I explained that not getting into a physical fight was my main objective, we are all in our 30's and we have been drinking a lot, and the guys wasn't worth it. She said all she was doing was sticking up for her man and that I left her hanging, I never left her side. Here's my real question though, it seems like whenever I don't do something a 100% to her liking I'm wrong. We are compatible with each other, but again when everything doesn't go her way she cralws back

    into her shell, then a couple of days goes by and a random text comes from her. I'm just confused by the 'i love you so much' to 'don't talk to me'. The whole incident about that guy, I have a short temper and I know how it would have went, I tried to use my brains and walk us away. She didn't talk to me for the entire 2 & 1/2 hours back, she got into her car and went home from there. I know that being a cancer she now needs her time but wow, it always seems to be about her time. For some reason I'm extremely patient with her, but I'm almost done. When we make up it's great, as if nothing had ever happened. We also discuss our differences and agree to work with one another, but then I know something else will come up. Is thisthe beging of daring a cancer, a lot of drama and confusion? Or should I just move on?

  • Stick it out if you can, until you understand eachother a bit better. Cancers don't think with their heads very well...its all about intuitive response and what seems right at the time. There is a real virgo-cancer gap there that you both need to understand to find some middle ground. She'll be looking for emotional reassurance and support, and you want clear thinking and rational responses. Cancer doesn't do rational terribly well but they do do moody. Don't take it too isn't about drama or confusion and its no more fun for cancer than for you! It is just feeling things strongly and having little ability to control responses rationally, and sadly, virgo will probably understand this least of all, being very able to keep control of emotional reactions. She'll work through it on her own, but dont' leave her to it, try to communicate. You both need to keep really clear communication going - talk her through her reaction when she's calmed down (no point when she's simmering) and explain your position again. Be patient. There is real hope, I love my virgo to bits, but get awfully frustrated with his inability to just let go and take risks. Equally, I admire it, and am trying to get a grip on not being ruled by my heart but letting my head have something to say. Virgo-cancer is a lovely, loving couple. Don't criticize her, don't embarrass her, don't humiliate her... and she'll have little need to crawl in her shell. Good luck

  • I dont know about the astrology signs, but you should ask her yourself.

  • I am a cancer woman, and in my case, i would have been very hurt if the guy i was in love with couldn't defend me. I think that's why I admire the fire signs and the scorpios or just any sign who stands up for my rights and who are sooo confident and protective around me. But I know I can fight my own battles, it's just when I see an injustice being done to those I love, I argue like a bat out of hell. My feelings are soo passionate and pure, that you are either with me or against me. In your case, let the cancer stew and think things over... but give a good reason why you think it was inappropriate and pointless to act that way around people who have been drinking becuase you would get nowhere in that situation. Tell her it would have have been very dangerous for both of you in the end, so it's a safer approach. Calm her down and pamper her more, but tell her that the logical approach is best. And agree with her feelings. Yes, always agree with her feelings at the time, but mention that you are just being cautious for her safety because you care soo much about her. She'll think about it... GIve her a worst case scenario of how things could have ended if you confronted the other guy. Then, she will back off.. BUt she must be reasoned with. If you do not communicate your logical point across, she just won't understand you, and think you are heartless. She'll close up and just be indifferent. The fact that she even cried shows how genuinely hurt she was by your inaction. Cancers, you know, are very shy but are very defensive and heroic when it comes to their loved ones. Just consider her feelings, no matter how brash she may have been. Cancers can be very dramatic, and yes, I catch myself at times getting so caught up at the moment. But if you have a better view of things and a safer one, I will consider your idea and your suggestion.

  • Cancers need downtime to think things over and just recharge. They get sooo drained by all the emotional self-sacrifice they give. Well, in my case, I do. But in general, they are safe, warm-hearted, kind, low-key types. They love helping people in need, and are attracted to danger, but with watch from a distance. When they feel they have handled too much, or that the world is cruel, they.. aka I... I like to be by myself... and just do something I love for my own pleasure. Just leave me be for a while to my devices. Cancers won't get into trouble, they know better... self-preservation... but they do know a good thing when they see it, so they will come back. And if you are a true friend.. take your time with the cancer lass. If you're patient, becuase god knows, she is very patient with your feelings, and she probably feels like she's giving soo much of herself to you already that she is losing a part of herself.

  • Okay, I'm not a cancer, but im a GIRL, and I would have been upset to. Aries also leap to the defense of their friends, or pretty much anything and anyone they believe in, and if I was backing up my boyfriend and some asshat was yelling at me and said boyfriend wasnt, in my mind, doing anything to help me....i'd be very upset.

    So, as cancer pig said, you have to explain to her that you didnt want to knock that guy out and thats why you acted the way you did. because thats a pretty good reason, lol.

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