• When we become ill, or overweight or disabled in some way, it would be natural for us to hate our bodies, to chastise and rail at them, to feel they have let us down. But the poor body is only trying to help. All physical illness or malfunction is simply the body's 'helpful' way of alerting us to unhealed issues in our heart and soul. In fact, the body holds what we cannot face and have not yet dealt with. It is an obvious way to get our attention, to tell us that something in our past is still haunting us. For example, minor illnesses can be a way of bringing to our attention that we need more rest and/or relaxation. Extra layers of fat can indicate fear, running away from our feelings or memories, a need for protection, insecurity or self-rejection - excess weight is nothing but energy, it is an energy that is 'stuck' due to our emotions. It really has not much to do with exercise or dieting, though they are useful to our overall fitness. The cause of excess fat in the body is fear which blocks out love. Our bodies are completely neutral - the way they behave is an effect rather than a cause. What has to be consumed, stored or expelled out of the body is the work of our mind.

    Eyes, ears, throat problems - what do we not want to see or hear or say? Knee problems or arthritis - being rigid, inflexible, unbending, feeling victimized. Back troubles - not feeling supported, feeling unloved or guilty. And so on ... instead of cursing them, we should thank our bodies for enlightening us and for pointing us toward unresolved unhealed issues from our past.

    The key to overall good health is simple. As long as we work along the laws of nature and don't neglect unresolved personal issues, our bodies will heal themselves naturally. However, there is one main element that interferes with our body’s ability to heal itself. That interference is stress. Stress kills! We are all familiar with…

    EMOTIONAL STRESS: divorce, relationship stress, deaths, financial & job stress, unforgiveness, worry, anger, fear, depression, and indecision. We should choose to avoid any person who is negative or brings us down in any way (since we can - but shouldn't - do that very well by ourselves).
    STRUCTURAL STRESS: acute injuries, accidents, old injuries and the scar tissue that remains, arthritic degenerativejoints, chronic pain, stiffness, excessive exercise, surgeries and subluxations of the spine and other joints.
    BIOCHEMICAL STRESSORS: illness, infection, allergies, alcohol & drug abuse, irregular hormonal cycles, digestive disorders, inflammation, toxicity overload and dehydration.
    ENERGETIC STRESSORS: poor sleep quality & quantity, over work, meridian energy imbalance, nerve interference, computer and cell phone usage (EMF stress).

    We must decrease the stressors so our bodies can heal. Your health will be restored as you bring balance between your structural, emotional, biochemical, and energetic systems.

    Achieving a healthy mind and body is accomplished by making beneficial lifestyles choices, being unafraid to face old emotional issues, and receiving the logical care we need. The process is easy - all it takes is self-exploration and self-discovery, a definite course of action, and commitment.

    So what is this plan, how is it accomplished, this vital spring-cleaning of the self to remove the old 'you' and replace it with the new and better 'you 2019'?

    Well, when your emotional body is holding onto old hurts, unfair circumstances, and people, your physical body can correspond with holding onto health problems and troubles in other areas of your life. Lurking behind every circumstance regarding your physical body are imbalances where you have directed your emotions and your affections. Your emotions strongly influence and affect your body and health. So examine your strong attachments because they just may be the thing that’s holding you back. To bring healing and progress to your mind, your body, your relationships, and/or your finances, you must release those possessive attachments.

    Feeling intense and possessive feelings towards the people we love or to old hurts, regrets, guilt, 'what ifs, anger and resentments only holds us back. Don’t confuse intense emotional attachment with love, it’s quite the opposite. Holding onto old wounds also keeps us anchored to that time in the past, stuck like a fly on sticky paper and unable to move forward. You lose nothing by releasing those unhealthy past attachments (or at least you lose nothing worth having).

    In a way, release has a magnetic quality, and the more we let go of possessive bonds, the more good is attracted to us in healthy balance. On the other hand, the more we pursue something, the more elusive it can become. Release your attachment to whatever your body is holding for you by meditating on what it is, facing it, and forgiving whomever was involved - especially yourself for getting you into trouble in the first place. Release equals freedom. Freedom for you and for the person or situation you’ve attached yourself to. Freedom from the symptoms of illness - or signals - your body is sending to try and get your attention that there is a festering emotional wound still inside you. Sometimes just discovering exactly 'what ails you' emotionally can be the key to releasing it physically.

    Release doesn’t mean you stop loving someone or something. Release doesn’t erase the profound moments of your life. It means there’s still a bond, but there’s space for freedom and respect within that bond. When you set yourself free, your body can regain its healthy balance. You know you need to release a situation when you’re giving it power. Is it defining you? Are you using it as an excuse for your failures or as your reason for your successes? If your answers are yes, you need to release it. When you think of the situation, do you feel tense and agitated or peaceful and calm? Peace and calm come from release. When your body is fully peaceful and calm, you will be well.

    A lot of people though say they want a problem to go away , but they treat their unwanted problem like a possession. They protect it. They defend it. They justify it. They say they want their problems to go away, but their thoughts and actions are keeping them near. Sometimes there is a sense of pride or amusement when they tell their stories. They defend the condition with anger or righteousness. Other times they sound really excited when they talk about their problem or condition. It’s almost like the person is nurturing a little pet. "My precious little betrayal, pain or suffering." Have you heard yourself claiming an ailment as your own? Eg. my headaches, my high blood pressure, my asthma, my diabetes, my arthritis, etc….? Have you used popular nicknames to refer to treatments or disorders such as “my meds”, “OAB”, “ED”? Have you ever argued that your condition is “different”, or “worse than”, or “complicated”? These are clues that you have taken on the the problem as part of who you are. You are nurturing it, feeding it, giving it a home, so of course it doesn’t want to leave.

    Do you tell the same story over and over again? About how you were treated unfairly, or wronged by someone? Are you still blaming your parents? Your teachers? Your boss? Your kids? Your ex? Is your story your identity? Does it label you? We want these problems to just leave us alone, but there must be one part of us that hangs on to them.

    We have all done this. It is easy to take on our story as our identity. Our careers and our labels become our identity. There can be hidden benefits to having a problem. Problems can lead to us getting attention from other people. They can give us a reason to explain why things are the way that they are. We can build a 'tribe' around a diagnosis or a life situation. It’s hard to let go of that. But until we recognize that we have been holding onto a problem, it is not going to leave. It can’t leave.

    Are you unknowingly holding a problem captive?
    A problem that you own, carry with you and describe as a possession, will never leave you! Likewise, a condition that you defend, make excuses for, or fight for will never leave you. Poor health or chaos in your life is not your natural state, so do not claim it as part of who you are! We all have some pesky problem that we want to go away. Somehow it has felt stuck and stubborn. Be honest with yourself. Have you consciously or subconsciously been unwilling to let it go?

    Do a 'thought inventory' and make sure your thoughts and actions aren’t keeping these problems attached to you. Ask yourself -
    What problems would it cause for you if this problem suddenly went away?
    Let that one sink in.
    If you are really ready to say goodbye to your “thing”, don’t let anything define you that you don’t want to be true for you.
    Open the door and say goodbye.
    “I fully and freely release you. We don’t need each other any more. I release you, and we all move on to a higher good.”

    Starting today, do not claim anything less than perfection as your own, and watch your circumstances and your health improve.

    So you’ve tried everything under the sun to lose weight, get over your back pain, help your tummy troubles, deal with your anxiety attacks … now try speaking words of release.
    Release grudges. Release people who’ve hurt you. Release situations you feel were unfair. Release yourself.
    “I fully and freely release this situation. It has no attachment to me and I have no attachment to it. I let it go, so that we can all move on to our highest good.”
    While you’re at it, release your guilt.
    We’ve all been hurt and we’ve all hurt others. Even if unintentional, ask to be released from the harm you’ve done. If you can’t do it in person, speak the words to the Universe.
    “Even though I’ve made mistakes, I love and accept myself.”
    Incorporate release into your daily routine. Of course, you may not know exactly what is bothering you, just that it manifests as illness or dis-ease or impairment. Then you must dive into your subconscious and, through meditation and contemplation, and asking your Higher Self and the Universe/God to reveal what is bothering you on such a deep level, maybe asking for the answer in a dream or for a physical sign or memory to pop up, querying a relative who knew about the situation ... whatever, you have to get to the bottom of the true problem, to find the source..

    Still, you may not need to know what your old issues are in order to release them. If you can believe you are a new person every day and that your old life and experiences are 'ancient history', no longer relevant to the person you are now (the physical body for instance renews itself every seven years - who you are today is anatomically drastically different from who you were when you were a baby, so why not your emotions and thoughts too?) then you can just let it all go, let it drop away from you as now longer applying, no longer helping you evolve, though it has made you stronger and wiser - and yes, different to who you used to be. A survivor!
    You can just thank the past for making you who you are right now, forgive, and release.

    Release is just as important as all your other healthy habits, goal setting, visualizations, and affirmations.
    Release isn’t a lengthy or arduous task. Just take a minute or two each day to mentally give some statements of release.
    Do it even if it feels scary, and trust that release will happen in a gentle and loving way. I mean, everyone knows what it's like when we over-pack for a trip. The physical luggage becomes an unnecessary burden that we have to worry about the whole holiday, moving it all from place to place, paying excess fees, concerned about its safety. We end up regretting bringing so much with us that was not needed, it only slowed us down. So why then do we choose to load ourselves with old emotional baggage that is far more detrimental to our health and peace of mind than a few extra suitcases? We lug it around, bent over by the weight of our past issues, unpacking it over and over trying to make it all fit together in another way or using it to remind us of bad experiences. Why on earth would we want to do that to ourselves? It's all such a waste of time and energy. You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it. Take the lesson, become a better person, and then let go of the memory burden!

    And since you are not the same person that you were back when the 'bad things' happened, you CAN change your life. And make it meaningful. Or not. Or become someone you’ve always wanted to be. Or you can try really hard, REALLY hard to stay the same person you were yesterday - but what is the point of that? Trying to be the same person you were yesterday essentially makes you a different person today, because today you will be “you yesterday” trying too hard. So don’t try. Just be. Can't you just feel how exciting it will be to look in the mirror and see, not the old tired weighed down ill 'you' of the past, but the new carefree, beautiful, healthy and free 'you', happier and better than ever before!!!!

    Know that sudden, or gradual, release will bring healing into your life.

    “Your problems do not create themselves. You create them by your own fearful thinking. Through speaking words of release, those problems are then freed to work out in whatever way best.” — Catherine Ponder

  • @thecaptain What if a person is still stuck in the past with all the hurt feelings? Can it manifest into any physical/ mental illness? What are the ways one could get out of it and forgive oneself from all the past hurts?

  • Yes, clinging to old hurts and grudges will manifest in physical illness or bodily distress. We all know how bad stress makes us feel and, if left untreated, can bring on many different types of body problems. We worry ourselves sick. Follow the tips I gave above to release all the issues your body is holding onto.

  • @thecaptain Golden post 💕💞💖

  • @thecaptain My God never ever thought about it like this in depth. It's actually us and our old little brain that make us captive in our own thoughts and we are responsible for our own misery. Your post is an eye opening one. Thanks for making us realise what we
    deliberately ignore in our day to day life.
    Thank you so much.❤

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