Birth chart questions!!


    Sun Sagittarius 6th

    Moon Virgo 4th

    Ascendant Gemini 1st

    Mercury Sagittarius 6th

    Venus Capricorn 8th

    Mars Scorpio 5th

    Jupiter Aries 11th

    Saturn Sagittarius 7th

    Uranus Sagittarius 7th

    Neptune Capricorn 7th

    Pluto Scorpio 5th

    Node Pisces 10th

    well i said that i was a Sag/Virgo/Aries but i found out my correct birth time, and im really a Sag/Virgo/Gemini December 11, 1987 Mesa ,AZ and i always put down 1:16 pm as birth time, but it really was 5:16 pm

    and im seeking answers to understand this birth chart i posted up above, and i also did notice that saturn, uranus and neptune they all have the 7th house all right in a row. 777 the lucky triple 7?

    AND may i add also(its a little weird lol) that i did the sample version of the "Your Heart's Desire compatibility sample report" i put in jennifers( the girl im "friends" with) birthday.

    and my number is 11 and HERS IS 7! i dunno if it means anything, but i will tell you that, since meeting her, everyday i check my horoscope(and her Libra one also) that every single day the horoscope has been spot on deadly accurate, that it is really weird lol

    so i guess where can i go to understand my birth chart in detail? thanks

  • Hey chevelleman, you can open a free account at and plug in your birth data. There are some canned interpretations/reports on there that you might have fun playing around with.

  • In a nutshell you are going to tell it like it is! That's my interpretation of your chart, ha ha...but you are prob looking for more info 😉


  • thanks! that website helped alot!, and yes i do tell it like it is even when it hurts sometimes lol,BUT unlike most SAGS i can LIE my butt off if i need to get out of something. what they said about my chart is crazy correct!!, and the weirder thing is that when they talk about me meeting someone it pretty much describes the girl im talking too. it even says that im very picky over who i choose to be my spouse and my friends, which i have to say is true, i have only firends that ive known since like 4th grade, and one even back from kindergaten lol

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