Anyone able to read psychic energy around illness?

  • I'm just curious. About a year ago I broke out in eczema all over my body. I've been to doctors, nothing. Changed my diet, nothing. Self care up the wazooo, nothing. I'm a happy person and don't feel stressed, if I do I manage it well. I would LOVE some insight!

  • Louise Hay says about eczema that its is caused by "breath taking antagonism. Mental eruptions", recommending the healing affirmation "Harmony and peace, love and joy surround me and live in me. I am safe and secure."

    Deb Shapiro says "Eczema indicates an extreme sensitivity to the circumstances and emotions around you. It is linked to allergies, especially to dairy or sugar and is greatly exacerbated by stress. The word 'eczema' means to 'boil over' indicating the heat, redness and soreness that it causes. It also creates a situation where you cannot be touched, as if your protective boundaries have been raised and you are locked inside, unreachable and unable to reach out. Perhaps your boundaries are feeling threatened or imposed upon and you're pulling back. It can also be a way of gaining extra attention, if you feel neglected or ignored. Ask yourself if there are any areas of contact and communication that are causing irritation. If there is peeling skin, it implies that your boundaries are thin, weak and disintegrating. This may be due to other people dominating and overpowering you, showing where you are easily influenced by others and have little sense of your own identity; or because there is a new 'you' inside waiting to emerge, once the old patterns of behavior and ways of thinking have been released. Are you feeling like a snake wanting to shed its old skin? What new part of you is trying to emerge?"

    Myself, I feel you physically have some allergy to smells - maybe perfume. aftershave, deodorant or some cleaning product?

  • I am certain I know what it is. It's definitely due to a relationship in my life bc it flares up everytime the relationship presents. It's a literal crawling out of my skin. So true. It's me not listening to my own intuition with this one particular situation. So fascinating. Time to buck up! ❤ I LOVE what you wrote. Thank you!!!!

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