How you should decorate your home, based on your star sign

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    Written by Kelly Ward on 24/09/2019 published in Cosmopolitan
    What with interior trends, blogger recommendations and the high street constantly killing it with their home decor, it can be hard to know what your personal style actually is. Do I really want a pink velvet sofa or have I just seen it all over Instagram? Would my bedroom suit spotty wallpaper? Can I have navy walls? Choosing how to decorate your home is a huge decision, so it's almost definitely one you want to get right.
    Step forward: tailoring your space to your star sign's personality. By choosing decorating techniques that fit in with your sign's typical traits, you'll be sure to create a space where you always feel at home. Whether that's primary colours and bold prints, or minimalist furniture choices, Cosmopolitan's tarot reader has the answers - because the stars really do influence your design choices.

    Primary colours call to you, as does opulence in general. After all, you're a Queen, Aries, so your house should look like a palace. If your friend calls something 'too much' in Ikea, buy it. Buy it all. Because for you there is no such thing. For you, maximalism is everything.
    Diamonds are your special stone, so add some glitz and glam to your decor wherever you get the chance.

    Taurus, you're known for the hours you can spend in bed and are obsessed with being comfortable wherever you go. Surround yourself with soothing colours, such as pale blue, grey and mauve and scent your room with your sign's fragrance - apple - where you can.
    Most importantly, though, keep texture in mind. Scatter blankets and cushions that you can sink into over your luxurious bedding and sink in to escape the world for a while. You want to be comfortable and relaxed at all times, so create a space that enables that.

    Embrace your wandering nature and strive for something unique, Gemini, with a quirky living space and a strong theme.
    Channel your favourite movie, theme park or fantastical setting to create a real escape from the humdrum everyday. Birds and butterflies are creatures associated with your Mercurial nature, while yellow is a colour which makes you smile.
    Perhaps your pad looks like a Hobbit hole, a Victorian gothic boudoir, a place in the clouds, a goddess's lair... let your imagination run wild and then make that vision a reality. You won't regret it.

    The sea and the moon fascinate, compel and influence you hugely, as well as being potent symbols for your star sign. Look to creating pale, white, silvery spaces (accented with splashes of sea green), ideally with a large, sky-facing window so you can watch the moon's passage.
    Think about shells and nautical accessories like telescopes or ocean maps, and seascape art. Bring these aspects into your living space and your mood will always be calm and reflective at home.

    You're a sucker for gold brocade and fancy dressing tables, a lover of the big mirror and the luxe accessories. The fancier and flashier the better. Your personality is so outgoing and proud that you need an environment that shouts self confidence, and delivers on the glamour you seek in life.
    However, you're not known for tidiness, so keep it simple if you can help it. Signature pieces, statement furniture- less is kinda more if you pick pieces that are bold enough.

    Tasteful, modest, natural and minimalist- these are the qualities you look for in your home environment. Natural light and space are important, so that you've got room to perch and read a book, sit and write, relax and nap etc. A place for everything, and everything in its place. You cannot stand mess.
    Cream, grey, buttercup and fawn colours create a relaxing mood, which is essential to help you counter your tendency for over thinking and worrying.

    What is important for Libran lounges is that there's space to entertain, because this is one of your fave things. You can procrastinate and dither about what you want to do, too, so having lots of options in any one area can help you out. Think: smart space. Multi-tasking, hardworking layouts using tasteful, modern decor in neutral, relaxing tones.
    Rose, almond and cypress fragrances help you breathe easily. Harmony and balance are important to you, so you'll spend a long time getting the feng shui JUST right.

    You're not scared of bold colours, or even dark colours, in your bedroom. In fact, splashes of fuchsia, purple, black and red only serve to spice things up, which is how you like it.
    Insects and crustaceans are your star sign's animal symbols so you could incorporate them in the details, should you wish. And you're interested in anything vintage, as there is latent energy in the old possessions of others.
    Look for contrast, dare to mix and match colours, styles and themes. Be bold - you can carry it ALL off

    Bring the outdoors inside using light, space, plants, plus natural woods and fibres. Theme your room like a wilderness lodge or a log cabin for extra outdoorsy charm.
    Having holly around makes you smile, while candles and natural flames warm your Fire element nature.
    It's important for you to feel free and like you've got space around you (not least because you are incredibly clumsy). Big windows, or patio doors straight out into a garden will serve your soul. You're the OG 'born free' star sign, and your home needs to reflect that feeling too.

    You're a sucker for tradition and comfort, preferring a conservative style and atmosphere over anything modern or themed. Think dark wood, low-key lighting and vintage furniture. Oh, and a picture wall of your most successful moments (you know you want one of those!).
    Garnet stones will help attract money and success while carnation and ivy floral displays suit your demeanour. Pine and elm fragrances set the right mood for you to unwind.

    Loft or penthouse space is perfect for far-seeing, head-in-the-clouds Aquarius! You need a view and you need plenty of light and air, to suit your Air element personality.
    Stylish, modern and minimal is the order of the day for decor, if not even a bit clinical. You don't desire frills or fancy touches, just serviceable and quality furniture, with maybe something avant garde (bike on a wall, anyone?) to remind you to always think out the box.

    If you could have bagged a spot in Little House on the Prairie you would have done, no doubt. Pisceans love old fashioned, vintage, romantic and pretty surroundings, and would gladly sweep back in time to another era for their personal space.
    You need things to have a personal meaning for you, rather than following the latest fashions or styles. Pisceans should always use their powerful intuition and imagination to imagine the perfect space, and then pursue making that a reality.
    Fish are your spirit animal, so look to pay homage to them. Lillies, poppies and willow are plants with benefits, while aquamarine is your lucky colour.
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