What year(s) did you wish never happened?

  • The following year bad things happened to me.
    1966, 1973. 1975. 1990, 2016. 2019
    Does anyone else feel that some years nothing goes right or that something has happened in a particular year(s) that was life changing?
    Is there a rhythm pattern to these years appearing?
    What do you think?

  • @jayann 2016 was my year of nothing going right for me. Financial issues, eviction, living in unsanitary conditions and to top it off my mother passed away. I wish 2016 never happened.

  • How can you wish something in your life never happened? All of your life events create 'you'. You are only remembering the bad things that happened that year or years and, if your wish really came true to erase that time, you would also be wiping out the good things that maybe you have forgotten or passed over by only focusing on the bad. Maybe you met someone interesting that year or accomplished a goal or helped someone in a necessary way. Without bad events to compare, how would we recognize and appreciate the good times? Each challenge makes us stronger and wiser. Without these life situations, as painful as they may have been, we would not be the people we are today. Or have survived it all ... instead of feeling resentment or anger or some negative emotion, be grateful that you have come this far in life. Appreciate that, despite misfortune, you have shown you can overcome it and even thrive from it. If you had never experienced sadness, pain and suffering, you would always fear it. Now it is an old, disliked, but defeated 'companion'. Now you have learned how to beat it and rise above it, even if it might not feel that way. You should congratulate yourself for being brave and resilient instead of wishing it all away.

  • @bluangel27
    So sorry to hear that
    I hope things are better now and you do not have another year like that again too soon if ever.
    take care
    💙 💚 ❤ 💕 💓

  • @thecaptain
    The things that happened in those years were catastrophic and have a very negative effect on my life.
    One thing I know is I am neither brave and or resilient
    ty for your thoughts.
    😻 🙉

  • @jayann, only if you keep going over them and don't let them go. Present-day Jayann doesn't have to be old past Jayann. Live for now, because each day you wake up as a different person to the you that you were the day before. So why would you want to be someone from long ago, some old outdated version of yourself?

  • @thecaptain
    I do not want to go back
    But I can do without fighting to stay alive everyday for everything.

  • I wouldn't have chosen most of the years of my life but I also wouldn't change them. They made me who I am. For that I am grateful and I wouldn't change it. Growth is uncomfortable... like a lizard climbing out of it's skin. I'm better for it. as painful as it is/ has been.

  • @gladyouwroteme
    I am glad you are coping and are up to the challenge.
    cheering you on
    💕 💝 💚

  • @thecaptain I try not to look back to much. I feel like all the good and bad things Ive expereinced I have learned from. I try to take the good with the bad. Ive had some bad years but ive also had many great years. I wouldnt notwish a year away. Maybe i could have done without not sleeping for a week and being in the hospital for insomnia. But that taught me a very important lesson about my sleep habits and it help me decide to inevitably leave my ex husband.

  • @tuliplilly
    well said and I am so happy that you are up for life's challenges.
    cheering you on.
    🤸 ❤ 💓 💕

  • @jayann thank you!! I am cheering you on as well✌❤!! I wanted to add that I wish you best of luck! 🍀I think we can all have some sent our way!!

  • @gladyouwroteme I like your description of a lizard climbing out of its skin! It's very visual, I picture it as I am reading! 🙋I was looking for a lizard emoji and I can't find it!! Good luck and I am cheering you on too✌

  • @tuliplilly Thanks ❤ Seems to be my standard analogy lol...I use it all the time but it's so ...erm...fitting, or unfitting, depending on your view haha

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